Congratulations Gun & Game Forum - (Chris)

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Marine1, May 14, 2008.

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    We just moved into the #2 slot on the (100) top sites. See the box at the very bottom of the page, in green and yellow. This is what a great forum will receive that respects the rights, and opinions of each other. It's great to be a member, in good standing of such a forum.
  2. sell33

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    woo hoo!! ( I think we're number one )


    Thanks a million for all you do Chris

  3. Seabeescotty

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    Thank you for the wonderful place to meet, and sound off, Chris. And thank you for the post alerting us to the fact that we're almost numba ONE, Marine1. And thank you all for being friends and neighbors, even if we are scattered around the world. This is a group I can truly say, I'm proud to be part of, the best buncha folks on the 'net!!!
  4. CalifgirlinOk

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    Thanks Chris for making it possible for all of us to come together here. And also I want to say thanks to all of the good people that has made G&G what it is today.Let's keep it The Friendliest Gun Forum on the Internet.:)
  5. Rave

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    I think we are #1,if not,we should be! Btw,who is #1?:hump:
  6. Congratulations Chris. I think that's a pretty dam good accomplishment considering all the gun forums out there. Way to go.

    Rave, I'm gonna take a wild guess and say is #1?

    And where did you get this info Marine1?

    And why do I have to go to advanced just to get it to save/submit? Anyone else having this same problem? I mean I hit save and nothing happens. Then I have to or if I hit Go advance, then click save, it works in about 3 seconds. lol
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  7. Midas

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    I've said it many times before, and I will say it again, I have never been involved with a better forum. Chris works hard to make things go smoothly around here, and I owe him a lot of gratitude.
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  8. I completely agree with you Midas.
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  9. Chris Thank you for providing this site. I promise to renew my membership when it's time.
    We appreciate you buddy !!!...Mike
  10. TXplt

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    Thanks, Chris--It's great chatting with folks here !
  11. Windwalker

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    Chris, thank you so much for providing this site where such a wonderful group of folks gather. Other problems have my finances in a shambles but as soon as I can get a handle on them I will pay my membership. We may be ranked #2 but to me we are the best and friendliest forum on the internet.
  12. CalifgirlinOk

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    Look at the box next to Ranked :2--Gunny has ranked us #1...!!! Maybe he's on the site and we don't know it.
  13. Grumpus

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    Bravissimo! They lied - We're Number One!

    I have not regretted for a moment joining this forum. It is the best I've seen, and the friendliest. There are people on here you feel you've known all your life just as soon as you read a few comments. And I've wound up having to jump up from my desk and go outside for a few breaths of fresh air so I can laugh my *** off without disturbing the others here at work.

    This can't be Number Two, Chris! I've never seen Number One (by their reckoning), and I know it can't be this good!

  14. After being called an "anarchist" and a "Marxist" in a space of ten days I can still say this is my favorite site. The people here are like family to me. I am so glad I found you all. By the way I was quoting Thomas Jefferson when I was called an anarchist. Maybe you had to be there but i find it funny as He double hockey sticks. Thanks so much Chris.
  15. Great site, great people... can't go wrong there. Great job Chris and the others who make it happen !
  16. Chris

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    This site....would not be in the place it is without YOU.

    We are are climbing the ranks and world domination is in reach, LOL :)

    If you ever feel you are being harassed report it. I nor the other great moderators can't be everywhere.
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  18. TexasT

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    That box doesn't appear if you're using the Gun and Game 4.0 background. It's on the Child of Pro background.
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    Thank you for this information....for those who cannot see it.:)