Congressman influences Judge for career criminal

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    While this is semi-old news, the US House is looking into ethics violations for the Congressman using government stationary to write a letter to the Judge; asking for leniency for his son.
    Nick Rahall Used Influence to Help Son |
    Different rules for the political elite, I guess. Writing a letter on government stationary, IMO, is secondary to this Congressman asking for special treatment for his kid. This "kid" is an adult with a decade long list of prior convictions; easily qualifying him as a career criminal, and the Judge gives him probation while sending another defendant to jail?
    Add another to the list of politicians that should find out what being unemployed is like.
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    The Congress ought also to be investigating whether Obama used his influence to get his illegal alien aunt a green card, government housing and government benfits. As far as I am concerned, illegal is illegal and the law is the law no matter who your daddy or nephew might be.

    And yet elected officials wonder why the common folk have less and less respect for the law than they used to? "Do as I say, don't do as I do" doesn't work any better between the government and the adult population than it does with a parent and a child.

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  4. was curios what his son did....hes facing felony robbery charges at 27, not small potatos

    guess the sonuvabitch dont fall from the politician
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    Obama stated he didn't know anything about it and didn't influence anybody. That was the sum total of the investigation by the DOJ and INS. Case closed.
    And not one single elected politician in Washington, be they Democrat, Republican or Independent, said so much as a whisper about it. Just like they aren't questioning this Congressman's possible influencing of a Judge, but that he wrote the letter on the wrong paper.
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    Yeah, stalebiscuit, these are serious charges and he has repeated prior convictions for drug possession...and he still got probation...while another defendant in the same case, without such a criminal background and who didn't participate in the actual robbery, was sent to prison for 11 months. BTW, he was arrested on a fugitive warrant and also faced charges of driving under the influence.
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  7. if your rich and powerful, the same laws dont apply

    i have seen this play out time and time again

    if i were a judge and someone asked me to be lenient just because of who they are, id figure id be alot tougher, its an insult really
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    Name that politician!