congressmen blast bush from baghdad

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    What are US congressmen doing there anyways? let alone speaking out against the the president from the capital of our enemies homeland.

    BAGHDAD (CNN) -- Two U.S. congressmen visiting Iraq Monday said the U.N. arms inspections process must be played out, despite what they say are Bush administration attempts to discredit the effort.

    "If you want peace," Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Washington, said, "then you've got to let those inspections go forward. As long as they continue to try and agitate and derail it, that's simply not good for the American people and the Iraqi people."

    He and Rep. David Bonior, D-Michigan, were interviewed on CNN. The congressmen, along with Rep. Mike Thompson, are urging Iraqi officials to avert war by allowing U.N. weapons inspections to return.

    U.N. chief weapons inspector Hans Blix began meetings Monday with Iraqi arms experts with the intention of paving the way for a resumption of arms inspections in Iraq.

    McDermott said he trusts Blix "to be a fair, impartial and professional inspector. And if at 60 days, he comes back to the United States and says 'they wouldn't let me into this place, they wouldn't let me into that place' -- that's a new circumstance and at that point we'll make another decision."

    He said the Bush administration is setting up a "self-fulfilling prophecy" that inspections won't work.

    Bonior said Iraqis have reiterated the inspectors will have "unrestricted and unfettered" inspection opportunities.

    He said the administration is "dooming" the process "before it ever happens, thus laying the pretext or the path for war." He stressed the "emphasis" should be placed on pursuing weapons inspections and letting the United Nations do its work.

    When asked if he trusts Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, Bonior said "the question is whether I trust impartial observers ... to make a good judgment."

    Bonior said that for seven years, last decade,"thousands of inspectors went in they did a good job" and later "the process became politicized." Iraq has offered to allow U.N. weapons inspectors back in after a four-year absence, but announced Saturday that it would reject a resolution giving seven days to disarm.

    McDermott was asked about Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott's comment that McDermott "should come home and keep his mouth shut" and criticism of his trip.

    He urged President Bush and Lott to travel to Iraq to see what's going on.

    'Dissent is an American right'
    "I'm speaking for the peace process," McDermott said. Lott is "talking from absolute ignorance of what's going on on the ground. I think he ought to be a little more careful about what he says in a country where we value free speech. Dissent is an American right. Without it, it's not a democracy."

    McDermott also said on ABC's This Week that "I think the president would mislead the American people" in order to bring about war with Iraq.

    Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, said she thinks any Congress member "has a right to disagree with the president" but said she is "very concerned when a member of Congress goes to Baghdad and talks against a United States president's administration and policies. I think that does cross the line."

    She said the Congress members in Iraq are making the case that Iraq will be honest and provide full access to inspectors.

    However, she said, "You read that the Iraqis are saying 'we're not going to change any rules,' which means 'we are not going to let you in the presidential palaces' and it is widely believed that that's where the weapons of mass destruction are, under the presidential palaces."

    Hutchison supports a short time frame for inspections but warns of Iraqi delays.

    She said her constituency thinks that if there are weapons of mass destruction "decisive action" needs to be taken.

    Citing lessons learned from the September 11, 2001 attacks, Hutchison said, "We can't wait for someone to prove that they can do horrible things that we never imagined before."

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    Their traitorous butts can stay there for all I care! When they do fly back, multiple cavity searchs all around! Can't be too careful now can we? :eek:

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    i always new that bonoir was a dipwad, this seals it. what some people will not do for votes. i recently heard an interview on the radio. the lady being interviewed was husseins mistress for several years. she said saddam took these weapons inspections as a joke, he would laugh about it. she said all he did was to keep moving his stuff from one place to another. after one sight would be searched, he would move things back. there is no trusting him, even if he had his hand on a stack of korans
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    and the VICHY'S too. the traitorous b******'s what is wrong with this country, and its people??? just last year we were hit with the largest attack on our soil by a handfull of terr's, killing thousands. and almost from then there were those wanting peace, don't upset the muslim world its our fault and on and on. all my life i have heard of"what if Hitler was taken out early in his campaign". So whats wrong with the preempt attack now. are we, the few who are proud the only ones??? i wonder.:mad:
  5. Dipwad? What ya got against Dipwads???


    Yup, yup, yup! They can keep their Iraq lovin backsides, and everything attached to them over there if they think America is so bad. Funny, they weren't criticizing their boy, Slick Willy when he perpetuated Bin Ladens and the muslim communities anger by leveling a mosque or two to divert attention from his ceegar antics with that cow whore of his.....:target:
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    God, I'm so proud of McDimwit and all he's doing to try and stop this confrontation. Of course, we must learn to trust the Iraqis when they say unrestricted and unfettered access. Just like they've lived up to all their agreements made with the UN to date.

    Yeah, right.
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    I keep hearing we live in a democracy and that is a bunch of BS. We live in a republic and we have elected these traitorious ba*t*rds to represent us. Someday the electorate on the left coast will wake up. Of course, we still have the scum of the earth representing the people on the East coast too. We finally have a President that can keep his pants zipped and stand up for our beliefs. The scary part is we want to remove Hussain and set up a democracy.(of which we no nothing about) in a country of people that worry about their next meal. It rings of Vietnam. Lets vaporize these palaces and end this inspection mess. Also, I am still waiting for Baldwin and Babs to leave the country.
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    take away thier passports and let them stay there for all I care.