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contacted by cmp

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by dhaze, Jun 20, 2002.

  1. dhaze

    dhaze G&G Newbie

    Has anybody been contacted by the C.M.P. if there 1903
    or 1903a3 rifle selection has been sold out.
    If so was it by e-mail or phone,just curious!!!!

    patiently waiting since March 26th/lottery member:uzi: :assult:
  2. I think they call, as a rule. Most C stock options are sold out. As most of the C stock-ed rifles haven't been coming in the greatest of condition, I don't think you're missing much.


  3. a friend of mine received his high serial number Remington C stock about two weeks ago. he was on the lotto list with a last name that began with W. We cleaned the ol girl. The receiver fits snug in the stock. Looked mighty fine afterwards. I thought the barrel was nearly shot out. My personal Rem 1903 has a tighter muzzle. Anyway he took it to the range and immediatly shot 1" groups with Lake City stuff. Hope my CMP drill rifle shoots as well. HEHEHE. PCW is a happy camper. He has threatend to wup my azz at the range. Love a challange.
  4. PAPA G

    PAPA G G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    for what its worth the latest SGN doesn't have the CMP 03 ad in it, been running that one for a while.:confused:
  5. As I posted above, I think everything still in stock except some of C-stock varieties and maybe some of the esoteric varieties. Of course, that could change quickly - look how fast the M44 .22s ran out - I think CMP thought they'd last through the summer.
  6. JackT

    JackT G&G Newbie

    I was not in the lottery, but sent in an order for a high # SA on May, 15. What do you think my chances are of getting it.
  7. They still have them (I'm presuming you mean with an S, not C stock) - of course, things could change literally overnight.
  8. TKH

    TKH G&G Newbie

    I was notified by phone on 7/15 that the Remington 03A3 with the C stock I ordered was sold out. They told me that the Rem. with the S stock was the only one still available, so I took that. They also told me it would be another 4 weeks. I have to say I'm usually satisfied with the customer service I've recieved from CMP, but not this time. I was told 3 weeks wait when I ordered, that was 13 weeks ago. I was also told, the last time I called, that I did get what I ordered and it would be here in two weeks. Now, three weeks after that, I get a call saying no I didn't get what I requested, and expect another 4 weeks! I understand it's not their fault they sold out, but the mis-information I've been getting is frustrating at best.
  9. There seems to have been several people having that problem -- waiting 90-120 days and then being told it will be another 30 days or so. I know they're backed up, but it seems like they're getting further and further behind. I noticed on the CSP forum that Orest must have ordered a "maximum effort last week end - 1100 rifles were supposed to have shipped yesterday and another 700-800 today.

    Maybe that'll help.