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Contender pistol fans

Discussion in 'Thompson' started by giturgun, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. First, please define "far away".
    Second, what is wrong with .22 LR for 200~300 yard shooting?

    If you go back to pre- Viet Nam war, military matches were rutingely held out to 300 yards with march grade rifles, and match grade [standard velocity, 1000~1050 f.p.s.] ammo.

    Rifles were usually outfitted with peep sights for out to 75 yards, and 10x fixed focal length scopes [Unertl was the prefered brand].

    If you have a 12x scope on that rifle, there is no reason she cannot hit targets out to 150~200 yards without too much trouble, but it takes DISCILPINE and practice, practice, practice.

    Remember- longer barrel equals longer distance, and longer sight radius equals greater accuracy.

    Give it a shot [pn intended!] and see if that hits your fun zone!
  2. i dont want to shoot .22lr
    i cant reload .22lr
    i like the power of the .223
    i like my 25x scopes
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  3. What on earth are you shooting that you need 25x??? And what the heck is wrong with a .22 lr? Head shots on squirrels and rabbits at 150~200 yards is a nice challenge.
    The biggest scope I have on a Contender is 3x [.223 14" & a 2x on a.44 mag 14"] and they get me easily out to 200 yards on deer or smaller.
    I have a 1.5~6 on a .308 Win bolt action that takes me out to 600 yards on deer [and smaller], and a 4.5~12 that takes a .30-06 out to 1,000.
    I also shoot a .40-65 & .45-70 with tang sights, Soule/match, that can go to 1,000 if the weather is nice, and I can settle down, relax, and do my part.
  4. golf balls at 300 yards
    i dont hunt
    and i like my 25x scope
  5. if i had a 36x
    i would put it on right now
  6. oldjarhead

    oldjarhead G&G Evangelist

    You just want to see the bullet make the hole in real time!
  7. i like counting the fibers in my paper targets.
  8. i have three real nice 22's
    and wont buy another.
    after not seeing ammo in stores for going on three years.
    i am done

    if ammo ever gets even kind of as available as it once was
    i will buy about $5000 worth
    and that would be enough for the rest of my life.
  9. all through this ammo scare
    i been happily loading components i bought 2 presidents ago.
    for a while now
    it has been easier to shoot my .454casull than a .22lr
  10. sometimes with slow enough ammo .
    you can see the bullet in flight.
  11. update
    it is much easier to open these days
    here is my girl testing out the gun at maybe 50 yards

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  12. A couple other problems with them big ol' high power scopes-
    No eye relief; if it is a big caliber, you just might get your face slammed- hard!
    No off hand shooting; if you don't have a machine or sandbag rest, it gets mighty hard to hold them stready enough to shoot well, repeatedly, at any distance.
    No, give me a reasonable medium~long eye relief scope, and I am still good to 200 yards on things I can put on the table to feed the family, or stand-of defensive shooting.
    Just my two cent worth...
  13. Huh... I can do that with my .45-70 anywhere out to 1,000 yards, no scope neded, but, I do need a spotting scope from 200 yards on out. Eyes ain't what they uesed to be.
  14. look buddy
    I am not trying to give this gun to you
    or sell it to you and you are not welcome to shoot it.
    and I don't care if you like what I do or not.
    eye relief is not an issue with the. .223
    it doesn't kick enough.
  15. wharf

    wharf G&G Evangelist

    Billy likes to play,let that boy boogie woogie
  16. oldjarhead

    oldjarhead G&G Evangelist

    So you can't see beyond 200 yards out without a spotting scope, but you can see the bullet hit, in real time, out to 1000 yards without a scope.

    And with a pistol to boot?

    Are you a democ...never mind.
  17. snicker...
  18. Whenever anyone says the words one thousand yards
    I think back about how tiny a regulation target looks at that distance.
    if someone didn't tell me.
    I wouldn't know what it was.
    and those targets are six feet wide and twelve feet tall!
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  19. wharf

    wharf G&G Evangelist

    I used to shoot the rifle rams at 500m with my unscoped xp100 308 pistol.Only way i could tell where i was hitting was on how the target fell.