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Discussion in 'Thompson' started by giturgun, Oct 28, 2007.

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    the above is a movie
    click on it to see

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    I think I'll get a .223 or .22LR barrel next.
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  3. All I got to say is .222 Rem Mag Imp.
    Mike did it for me.
    See Bellm.
    He can do it for you.
    22-250 performance from your Contender.
  4. I have two older contender frames,one easy open stainless,and one"hard" open blue. My barres are....22lr 10 inch bull with 4x scope, 223 super 14 stainless bull with muzzle brake, 30/30 super 14 with 4x scope,22 hornet octagon 10 inch Thompson 2x scope,10 inch 44 magnum vent rib, 45 LC 10 inch ,45LC/410 10 inch. I may be one of the truly blessed,but all of my barrels work well with both frames. The octagon barrels work especially smooth with the older non easy open frame. I shoot all I can in my gun range out back. I used to hunt more,but due to a motorcycle accident in 2010 I don't hunt as much as I used to. One shot....One kill has always appealed to me.