Continental Arms .22 (model 1933) replacement bolt

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    I have an old mail order .22 rifle from the early 20th century that was given to me about a year or more ago. I don’t know the specific year it was made but it says continental arms model 1933 on it. The problem is it is missing the bolt and firing pin assembly. So basically it’s just a barrel and a loose trigger assembly. I’d love to get a replacement bolt for it and use it if I can but I’m having a really hard time finding one anywhere. It’s sort of an obscure and not too sought after gun I suppose and so parts for it are even more scarce. It’s not rare per se but it is definitely limited since I believe it was manufacture for a short time and possibly not many were made because they were just mail order rifles from old catalogs. At least as best as I’ve been able to tell from my research and from input from friends.

    I was wondering if anyone knows of any places I could get a replacement bolt or if there are any “equivalent” bolts that might not be the exact same one used originally but would function the same (or better) and be easier to acquire? Or even better yet if anyone here has a bolt from an original one that they’d be willing to give me or sell off?

    Thanks for any input and help, it’s all much appreciated.
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    Additional: I don’t have any photos of it currently because it’s with a friend in another town right now but if I can get some I’ll post them here for you too look at. Thanks!

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    Have you tried Numrich Arms, aka the gun parts Corp.?
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    Thanks! I’ll check it out
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    I haven’t, I’ll look and see what I can find. Thanks!
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    I checked both of those out and couldn’t find much that helped. I found a bit more with the Stevens model 52 but nothing fully. Just a piece here and there of the entire bolt assembly I need and even with all of those (and the increased price of having to buy all the parts separately) I still couldn’t find everything I need. Also I couldn’t find anything else through Numrich Arms.

    Anything else would be great. Again, thanks!
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    Be patient. Keep looking for a model 52 Stevens bolt. That link I posted says your rifle is a copy of it. How close? Until you find one to try, I personally doubt anyone or only a handful of folks know for sure. It's the way to the other side of the tree that I'd take.