Continental US Fallout Pattern for Prevailing Winds

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Pred, May 11, 2008.

  1. Pred

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    Just something to have on hand...


  2. GlennM

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    If you're interested in those types of data, the old green cover Cresson Kearney's "Nuclear War Survival Skills" should be in your library.
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    Not sure if you play video games or not, but since you seem to have a knack for apocalypse type situations you may want to check these out:

    [ame=] Fallout Collection: Electronics[/ame]

    Played them all myself, pretty fun. Gotta love the targeting system, nothing like putting a 12ga to someone's crotch.
  5. just_a_car

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    So, I can conclude two things from that map:

    1. If you want to survive, live in Oregon.
    2. No matter what happens or where, we can rest assured it will take out New York City.
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  7. mitch_mckee

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    I ain't responsible for the content of those sites.
  8. neophyte

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    I like the rhythm: kind of took me back to another time
  9. Midas

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    Great, one more thing for me to worry about!
  10. TACAV

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    Well due to my location area I guess two words come to mind.

    Epic Fail.

  11. Pred

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    Well, I'm in the same boat you are since I live in KY. However I will also say this, whatever weather Oklahoma gets, we get a few days later.
  12. Girlgun

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    man. Maybe I should move out west... 'cept for the caldera is there..... and the california quakes......
  13. just_a_car

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    That's why you move to WA and make sure you don't live in the valley. We get rain; rain = floods. If you're smart, floods don't affect you; we have more than enough areas that don't get affected by flooding. Sure, we get the random quake here and there, but they're not that bad.
  14. Midas

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    We mustn't forget the over growing problem of robot mole men
  15. TexasT

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    And zombie strippers.
  16. Midas

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    It sends a chill down my spine just thinking about it
  17. billy

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    i gotta chill too!


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  18. Midas

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    Billy, I remember that photograph, it was taken in my garage, I still have nightmares about the ordeal. I can only hope this picture will persuade some of the non believers to join the anti-mole man effort.