converted some freinds to 22lr.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by meatloaf, May 1, 2008.

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    With the high prices of ammo some freinds of mine are feeling the crunch. So we met up at the shooting range last weekend and shot for an hour and my freinds said they were done. Its unuasual to have such a short session, so I asked the why. Well they shot all the ammo they bought, and with the comination of gass prices and ammo prices they cant buy as much. Well they have always laughed at me for having some 22lr's and I always argued with them about it. LOL So I said lets just hang out and stay away from the wifes awhile. They agreed. While we were hanging out I pulled out my other 22's a bolt action rifle and a pistol and continued plinking. It didnt take more than 5 min and very one was shooting my 22's. after about three hours of having fun it was time to quit and they offerd me some money for ammo, which made me laugh because I told them that for shooting the last three hours only cost 20 bucks and I still had ammo left over. This week three of the four of my freinds bought a 22lr of some sort. Were all headed up again this week lol, 22's are great fun.:09:
  2. I'm looking at .22 for plinking just for that reason, the price of ammo. I figure this way, I can still shoot and have it not cost me a small fortune. But I also want a good .22 simply because I think everyone should have a good .22 rifle. lol

  3. Troy

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    my .22's are my favorite for plinking. bang away all day for how little it costs.
  4. meatloaf

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    Grab yourself a ruger 10-22 or a marlin or if you realy want something cool get a henry. Alsodont forget about the gsg-5.
  5. FS00008

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    I'm saving up for a couple of Henry's. I'm thinking one in .22LR and one in .357, .44, or .45LC :-D
  6. Windwalker

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    The prices of everything gas, food, and ammo. make a .22 about the only thing I can afford to shoot anymore.
  7. SwedeSteve

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    I love shooting 22! We have a seperate range for 22 and 17, and the times I've been hardly anyone was on it!
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    I've been shooting my .22LR quite a bit lately and I have to admit I like it a lot more than my .264WM's. With the .22 under artificial light I can actually see the lower velocity bullets on the way to the target. You get a fleeting image of the bullet, and then the hole appears in the target, and you see it all. And most times it is exactly where it should be. With the .264, my shoulder takes a s***t kicking, and all I see is flame and smoke, with the rifle coming to rest a way off the target. I can see why one can take a liking to the .22.

  9. big boomer

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    I am a 22 lover I have over a dozen some good ones, some cheap, some odd and in all kinds of actions from Winchester 52's to Ruger 10-22's they are all fun and you can shoot all day for little money,
  10. Big Dog

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    I love taking a couple training rifles to the range, and pull out the little TU-KKW Mauser-clone when they are shooting the milsurps.
    BANG! BOOM! KA-BLAM!......pop. Hehehehe!! :09:

    I find most twentytwos are more accurate than the big guns too! :scool:
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    I can't imagine not have my .22's.
  12. meatloaf

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    me neither but they always gave me sh#t for them because they are so small. They only shoot big guns lol, not anymore.
  13. Triggerjerk

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    At this point in time I am only buying .22's. I have three .38's, and that is enough. I plan to have some .22 handguns and ammo set aside for the (expensive) future. I have a Ruger MK II and a Ruger Single Six. I plan to have two of both.
  14. nc.hunter

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    I agree completley, I have a semi-automatic .22 LR, what would I do with out it. Theres no way you can beat buying 550 rounds of ammo for 11 dollars! I love to just set a lawn chair up in my feild and set up a couple of empty 67 OZ. drink bottles and blast away.
  15. Sooner Shooter

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    A friend of mine has a ten acre pond. He has a small v bottomed boat that we take out and blast away at the turtles and snakes. If you hit those snakes just right you can send them a foot or so out of the water. Great fun!
  16. meatloaf

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    well we went shooting today. One of my freinds bought a smith and wesson semi auto 22 and it jams every third shot. another one bought a ruger 10 22, and another bought a marlin 22. With the exception of the smith and wesson jamming we had a blast. I think between the four of us we spent 100 dollars today shooting (thats including gas to go in to the mountains). I have to say thats the cheapest shooting session we have ever had. The only thing that would be better is moving targets any body got some ideas on how to make targets move so it more challenging?
  17. As much as I love centerfires, the rimfires have always had a special place in my heart. I tend to own almost as many .22's as I own centerfires. Aside from the low cost of all but the best match ammo, you can get a .22 that's really neat for less than you'd pay for a mediocre centerfire means more trigger time and a nicer firearm to boot.

    Right now the guns getting by far the most action in my household are my Ruger Mark III Competition for short range plinking and target shooting, a Remington 597 with a 3-9 scope for longer range plinking, and a Marlin 2000L single shot with peep sights for some serious 50m work. 2 of my next 3 planned purchases are also rimfires: a CZ453 to get a little more serious about working on my skills and a Beretta 87 Target.

    About the only thing that I can say bad about rimfires are that the semi's tend to be kind of tempermental. I had lots of problems out of my 597 that seem to have gone away with new magazines and several hundred "break-in" rounds. My Ruger Mark III had to go back to the factory after it started jamming after the first 150 rounds. So far (knock on wood) I've never had a problem with any centerfire firearm I've evere owned.
  18. Good idea

    I, too, am looking for a high quality .22 rifle.
  19. tippmann7

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    savage markII or a ruger 10/22 are the best you can buy
  20. ^ what he said!