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    i have a cooper in 204.and it is a tac gun i have ever bought.
  2. Chris

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    Thanks for joining G&G. Glad to hear about your Cooper Rifle!

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    Glad to see Cooper here now.
    I also have a .204 Varminter. Also a Model 38 Phoenix in .221 Fireball. Both are also tack drivers, even with factory ammo; am still breaking them in. Some days I like looking at the wood (although I'll admit the basic V's isn't the greatest), others it's nice not to have to worry about scratching/dinging the (synthetic) stock.
    Anyone have the new Model 54 repeater?
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    Welcome.Coopers are the greatest.
  5. lefty o

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    my TRP3 has been an awesome rifle. hard to beat a cooper!
  6. This is an old thread but I have two Cooper 57M LVT rimfire rifles ,one is a 17 HM2 ,the other a 17 HMR, Most all of my shooting with them is in the spring when the prairie dogs pups first come out. There are a lot of shots within 125 Yds for the M2 and within 150 Yds for th MR. They are very accurate rifles and I can hit them at longer but I like clean kills.