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    I was wondering from all you law enforcement veterans what a good carbine to have in the trunk of a squad car and what kind of backup gun is good because when get older i was thinking of maybe becoming a police officer
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    I would recomend an AR15 for a long gun. However they can be a little bit pricey. Many dept's issue Mini14's which are not to be frowned on at all. You are looking for combat accuracy under stressfull conditions. There are also pistol caliber carbines out there (ie Ruger) that can provide interchangable ammo ops.

    As for a back up weapon, I wear a Glock 27 on my vest. It's great as an off duty concealed gun also. Cops get a solid discount on them with dept letter head. Good luck in the business. -San Antonio, TX Police Officer

  3. We had a SAKO 7MM mag at first. The bad thing about the weapon was it was bolt action and only had a five round magazine. No hi caps were made for it back then. It was accurate to 400 yards and was the primary weapon of the tactical squad then, also.

    In the late 80's we had a pending presidential visit and when the Secret Service sent their 'scouts' out they convinced us to go with the M-16 so we borrowed some from the military for the visit and had to hustle to get those involved familiarized, trained and qualified. Afterwards we picked up our own contract for a purchase.

    Up until then our thoughts were that the SAKO provided enough fire power, albeit limited capacity. It was provided with the idea of sniper set ups on over passes, from high rise roof tops, from ground level to windows high up in buildings, for use at the airport traffic control tower, for use out of helicopters and small planes, etc.

    I guess everything changes but I have never been too impressed with the M-16 or AR-15. In fact, at the time I was a Lieutenant and I lobbied against the change. I like something you can reach out and touch someone with...yepper.
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    Aside from equipment, the best advice a three year cop can give you is......" Trust the old schoolers." They didn't become old schoolers by accident. They survived the streets and earned the title.
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    Whatever your decision is about a backup gun, be sure you have qualified with it in official department training sessions before you carry it. Otherwise, you may wind up having to use it and then spend the next three years defending yourself against law suits by the perps third cousins.
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    Love those hi caps as back ups but never count out the wheel gun as a reliable choice. Carry a Colt Detective Special myself and would be hard pressed to give it up, it fits nice and snug under the straps of my vest.