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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Jesse, Mar 23, 2002.

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    I just saw a Cop Show where a woman was arrested in a high speed chase. After wrecking her car she was out cold w/ a bottle of gin in her lap. It was later found that she had 18 PRIOR DWI's! Man! What Gives?! She got 5 yrs.

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    nothing unusual here except she got 5 years!!! i hsve read many times of drunks continuing to drive while saturated and only getting fined and taking away their drivers liscense doesn't stop them either!!!

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    She would'nt get away with that in Manitoba! Toughest D.U.I.s any where. first impaired you lose your license before your trial and the vehicle is impounded for 30 days, regardless who owns it! Second one the vehicle is gone 90 days licence is gone for 5 years, and you get a minimum 90 day jail stay. On the third one the vehicle is seized permannatly (regardless of who owns it,) and you get a lifetime driving prohibition, and a minimum stay of 5 years. Pretty dang tough 'cuz .05, is now the legal limit. The only thing I see wrong with the law is that the vehicle is seized even if it isn't the drunks. So if you were using grandma's grocery getter or whatever, it's gone and she probably can't affford a new one. Pretty hard to pay her back if you are in jail for 5 years, and good luck finding a job 5 years later with 3 federal offenses on your record!
  4. You get no slack here in Arizona either. Just ask members of the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Cardinals, state legislature members, city councilmen and fellow Law Enforcement.

    There is so much rivalry between the 7 major city police departments in busting someone, hopefully outside of their city. Those they catch from their own city are referred to as 'friendly fire casualties'.

    DUI and EDUI (extreme dui) fines are big revenue here.
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    How the does a city police department have jurisdiction outside the city limits? Is it some kind of state law?