Cop sound off?

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    I enjoyed the military sound off. As I spend more time in the forums, I notice that there are bunches of law enforcement officers out there as well. Maybe it has been done already, but any body interested in a cop sound off? Military and leo's all fight for the same cause....the USA, this is not w/ intentions to segregate the two...... To the military vets and current soldiers, thank's for what you do or have done!

    -San Antonio, TX Police Officer
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    I'm sure there are a bunch, did augmentee duty once. Made me appreciate the job more for sure.

  3. Since I'm now retired, I guess I don't qualify, LOL.

    Twenty eight years seemed like a lifetime at times, and at others I look back and wonder where the years went.

    I had my downfalls (I was not always politically correct and was often referred to as Dirty Harry) but overall the times were good. Heck, when considering all I am bringing home more on retirement that when I was working.

    I hated to see how the department was heading with all the new Officers coming on board and their willingness to get ahead at whatever it takes.

    And, I hated to see how many families were disrupted or ruined due to the high stress and use of alcohol to cope. I was lucky....the bottle never got me but I sure did take my share of of the job home with me. At first I could leave the cop hat at work when I went home but then over time it was just easier to leave it on. When I first hired on having Psycholigists on staff was unheard of. At least now most departments have them and I encourage anyone feeling stress or a change in personality or home life to speak with one.

    I like gungho attitudes but my idea of gungho is one who applies theories and practices to the job and public....not seeing how many people he/she can snitch off in a shift.

    To all you Officers, I wish you the best and a successful ccareer. But, above all, I wish you peace and safety.
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    Dale at the moment I can only agree with the points you made.
    In less than a month I'm hanging it up after 30 years.
    It would take some time to add to your points. Well done.

    A Georgia Deputy Sheriff