correct grain bullet for 6.5X55 Swede

Discussion in 'General Reloading' started by huffmanite, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. huffmanite

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    I have a nicely sporterized M96 Swedish mauser with its original barrel shortened to 24", that shoots decent groups at 100 yards.

    I am curious what grain bullets seem to be more accurate in your military barreled Swedes. Curious too, if they are flat based or boattail bullets. By the way, I don't hunt just shoot paper.
  2. For paper you'll need a really soft alloy to get proper expansion and energy transfer. I wouldn't go too heavy since over penetration would be a real problem. Chasing a wounded and PO'ed paper target into the tall grass is a dangerous proposition at best, and I'd not envy anyone having to do so. It makes my blood run cold at just the thought of slowly bleeding out from all those paper cuts. Better you than me brother.

    I wish I could remember what weight I used to shoot. It was either 140 or 129gr.

  3. samuel

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    I am sure Huffy will heed your warning Jim. (by the way,that explains what is happening to my targets,the ones with no holes in them.They are ducking.Basically I have used the 120gr,129gr,and in HPBT,s,and spfb in 140gr, and really like the 129gr,s best in original Sweedish mausers.That is in hollowpoint boattail 129gr.
  4. I'm shooting 100 Grain HP's in mine getting 1\2 inch or less at 100 yards. For deer hunting I use Sierra 120gr SPT's, groups about 3\4 or less at 100 yards.
  5. 330olds

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    I shoot anywhere fromm 100gr hollowpoints to 140gr bullets out of mine.Mine seems to prefer the 130gr and 140gr nosler accubonds but really all weights i have been really happy with the accuracy.
  6. lefty o

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    my swede's use various 140gr bullets.
  7. SwedeSteve

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    140's for me as well.