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Corrosion removal on cartridge belt?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JS44, Jul 10, 2002.

  1. I have a cartride clip belt for an M1 that has a that bluish colored corrosion on some of the metal. It's pretty bad on some of the snaps and grommets. The fabric is still in really good condition though an I don't want to damage that. Is there a way to chemically remove the corrosion WITHOUT damaging the fabric?
  2. Use toothpaste.

  3. Is the bluish corrosion on brass or steel?

    Toothpaste and a dremel....I swear by it.

    If it's on brass you might try some good ol' Brasso.
  4. Thanks
    That sounds like a workable solution and I have a dremmel.
  5. I should've mentioned to use a polishing wheel with the Dremel.

    I take and moisten the material and spread a little toothpaste around and use a low speed working the speed up as you need.

    The same technique works great on minor scratches on watch crystals. If you have deeper scratches work them out, with light pressure with 380 or 400 sand paper 'til the crystal looks cloudy and no deep scratches appear..... then Dremel. Will look like new.

    Of course, take care not to scratch the metal or plastic case. It's not that hard if you take your time and don't sand like you're prepping a car for shootin'.

    Jewelers rouge works even better but it's hard to find the liquid. Chunks of it can be bought at Tandy Leather.....but no liquid as of yet.
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