Corrosive ammo

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    :question:Is there any way to tell what ammo is corrosive and what is not?
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    Thanks guys.
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    Depends on which caliber and manufacturer...Need more input !

  3. petrol

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    762x39 in particular i'm not sure of the manufacturer it's the stuff that comes in packs of 40 on stripper clips.
    it's this stuff and I just found my answer.
    Yugoslavian 7.62x39 40rd Box on SKS Clips Brass Case
    so next question are all berden primers corrosive?
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  4. toolman

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    No, not all berdan primers are corrosive. A somewhat simple test if you aren't sure is to pull the bullet and dump the powder from a suspect round, place the muzzle about 6" from a clean (bare metal) steel plate and fire the primer. Clean the gun well and leave the plate outside for a day or two. If there's a rusted round blast-pattern on the plate after a day or two, it's corrosive. You can also tell by putting a drop of water in a fired case and see if it turns green after a few days, although if left long enough, water in a brass case will almost always turn green.