Could it be terrorism?

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  1. Arizona is having it's worse fire in history (the Rodeo Fire) and has burned over 80,000 acres in just three days. Four communities have been evacuated and countless homes are at risk...not to mention livestock and disruption of lifestyles. There has been mention of contaminated or disrupted water supplies as the result of the fire (or any large fire). Any heavy rain will erode what is left and life, as those people knew it, is history...simply dramatic as it sounds. And....there is no idea when this fire will be this one week the results will be a burned out site the size of TWO normal state counties.

    Colorado is having a very similar tragedy with the fire outside of Denver and I can empathize with them.

    With the little rain the southwest (and parts of the midwest) every....EVERY.......part of that country is ripe for fires like most living people can't recall.

    I hate to be a bringer of bad tithes...but who's to say that those areas aren't ripe for a terrorist act? Quick in...quick out. No one notices. No jet fuel needed....nature has provided the fuel. Adding the normal 20-30 mph winds and you have the makings of a slow burning bomb or incindiary. Even if someone finds evidence of an overt act of arson it takes more to set the finger on the one who done it. And, most terrorist don't care if they are eventually caught.

    Who's to say we aren't already a victim of a terrorist act?

    We've thought, and talked, about bombings of dams, nuclear power plants, poisoning of water supplies, etc. Could a more simple act like fires be the one thing we are overlooking?

    I've not heard the terrorist theory's mine and mine alone.

    But, what better way to ruin the lives of thousands upon thousands of people than to go in and set fire after fire? Firefighting and law enforcement personnel are getting drawn thin as it is. Add a dozen more fires in the areas and it's 'all hell breaking loose' with very little to stop it. And, all of your forces are in one area...far from homeland, as it were.

    I live in a remote area and I am as at risk as everyone in the areas that have not seen measurable rain since October of last year.

    I worry. One cigarette in the wrong place...or, perhaps, the mad mind setting a fire and who knows where it'll end.

    The thoughts I have about someone setting them...perhaps terrorists, needs to be explored and paid attention to. This is a ripe situation.....fer sure.
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    I share your concern Dale but I don't think that the fires that are going now are terrorism, future one maybe and you are right it needs to be looked into with more resolve

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    Dale the blame lie's with the tree huggers and Klinton for not allowing the proper management of our forests. The fact that they will not allow the proper management is leading to these fire's and then of course there is always the one firebug we kept arresting in our area in prk where I once lived - yes you guessed it "the volunteer firefighter" I have always defended firefighters because of what they do and the fact my family has had some of the most respected firefighters in the Bay Area come out of its ranks. But after you arrest 8 fire bugs and they are all Volunteers you have to wonder.
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    i think dale is on to something, after all a terrrorist can create problems as easily with a match as a bomb.on of the goals of unconventional warfare is to tie-up resources and man power for other things.:nod:

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    Could be but they haven't claimed it yet. They usually do don't they?
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    I personally think not (terrorism). A forest fire, no matter how big, does not make the statement that the terrorists want. 'They' want to kill the infidels, and as many as possible. There real goal is media/publicity. Everybody knows the fire is headed their way, if it is, and are evacuating. If they are trying to cost us money to make a statement, they'll be hard pressed to top the dollar figures on some fires in PRK. Now, if it reaches Denver, maybe. But the news is only going to talk about; acres burned, people displaced, and estimated cost of the damage...the same thing we hear every year during 'fire season.' Of course, I'm not saying that there isn't some little 'towel-head' with a bic out there causing trouble, I just don't think it's one of their courses of action. good shooting every body! (in case it is)
  7. I was thinking in terms that terrorists not always want to kill.

    As with 9-11 it was said that bin Laden wanted to see the American economy go bottoms up from choas and not, necessarily, from the the deaths of so many (although it's now hinted they struck NYC WTC because of the number of Jewish working there...which I don't buy since the Pentegon and White House had very few, if any working there).

    Sometimes terrorism takes a long term effect.....such as the economic chaos that the people misplaced will have to endure, the spent resources to fight the fire and the thought of damage to a water shed as the result of the fire, etc.

    I guess what I'm trying to get at is that terrorism can just feed on fear. Timothy McVey never took credit until after he was arrested.

    Fear was what we saw and felt 9-11. The deaths of several hundred may have been just a side effect for the terrorists.

    We look at the possibilities of mass destruction but has anyone ever heard terrorist say they wanted death? Perhaps....perhaps what they want is all this guessing and the subsequent results after our attention is drawn to another area.

    My original comment was only to point out that it could be a possibility that terrorists can strike in a number of different ways we haven't considered.
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    I guess it all depends on what you call a terrorist a tree hugger who sabatoges a bulldozer is in my view a terroris act..politicaly motavate if some tree hugger started the fire then yes. I belive if the history channel is correct...that during WWII the Japanese used Baloon bombs set to drop inceary devices in the north west forest area to create havoc....but they did not know our seasons so the bombs arrived in the ranie season.

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    Dale, there may be some truth to your post. I heard on the radio that some FD's were being called by foreign universities and were asking about there procedures. They have now stopped answering any of these type of ?'s.