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Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Para Cassatt, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. Para Cassatt

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    A little pray would be greatly appreciated. Last Saturday morning I severely hyper extended my left knee and have been in horrible pain since. This is my first time using crutches and has been one heck of a learning curve. Nothing seems to stop the throbbing pain and sleep has really been hard to come by in more than an hour or so intervals. Thanks.

  2. BunnyWabbit

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    Prayers sent. Did you go to the doctor and get some pain medication?

  3. Prayers sent, have you tried warm cloths and a little dab of absorbine jr? Had my knee joint dislocated a few months back and understand the pain you are feeling good luck to you
  4. texnmidwest

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    Prayers sent. I carry two pins in my right ankle. I know what kind of pain you are in.

    If you can...get to a doctor! Remember, no one is going to give you a medal for hurting.
  5. Windwalker

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    Prayers sent. Have you seen a doctor?
  6. frenchy

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    Oh man that sounds painful Steve! I will pray, please go get pain meds!
  7. I

    will send a prayer for you and all touched by your injury.

    I know crutches can be as miserable as the injury.

    Best wishes.
  8. Para Cassatt

    Para Cassatt G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Thanks everyone, the prayers have helped. The swelling has gone down about 50-60% and I'm feeling a bit better. I did not go to doctor because it took about 30 hours to start swelling and become difficult to get around on. By Monday however, I awoke to it being quite swollen and flexibility was very limited. It's mostly back now and I believe once the swelling totally subsides I'll be back to normal. Thank God, your prayers and Aleve.

  9. grizcty

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    Sorry didn't see the thread before today.

    Put your faith in God, and all things are good!
  10. Cyrano

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    New York
    Prayers sent.

    Try to get something in the hydromorphone family. It will tear up your guts a lot less than things like Percocet. That makes my entire digestive system feel like there is lava pouring down it. The pain is actually preferable to the heartburn, sour stomach and irritated bowels, believe it or not!
  11. I bent my left knee back too far 10 yrs ago. Attic ladder. Know just way your feeling. I could the feel small interior tendon tear a bit, they wanted to cut. I had a healer friend help me with it. Don't know how she did it but it worked. Did you use cold / hot therapy on it yet.? Stay off of it. A topical pain cream will help. Keep an ace on it. No more pivoting on that leg. TV in bed.
  12. Prayers sent and expect to get better. I've had knee surgery on my right knee so I have an idea what your going through.
    I did'nt have swelling until after the surgery and I gotta tell you haveing fluide draw off with a GAINT needle will make the tuffest man squirm and holler LOL I'm sorry I'm laughing but it was the worst ordeal I ever went through in my life. That dang doctor tried to Kill me...I sure wanted to kick him in the head with my other foot !!!!
    But it sure felt good afterwards. The surgery was a success...A.H
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