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Could someone tell me why?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by hooker, Apr 19, 2002.

  1. Over the years as handgun huting became popular, there were articles in all the gun mags. with one common thread to them. This being the subject of hunting with a handgun verses rifle. In all of them I noticed that the theme was bragging about calibers such as the .44 mag.,.30-.30 Win. etc. being such devastating and accurate rounds when fired in a handgun. Then you would read sometimes in the same issue about the ineffectiveness of these same rounds when fired in a rifle. Sometimes the articles would be written by the same author. They would tell of the far ranging hits with the handguns, and then say how terribly inaccurate these calibers would be in a rifle, an exsample would be the 94 Winchester's inability to put 3 rounds in a pie plate at 100 yrds, but on the other hand they would take for instance a Thompson- Center Contender chambered in .30 WCF, and talk a lot about shooting deer at 200 + yrds. And then say how in the ol' 94, that the .30 WCF was useless not much past 100 yrds. These articles were written by fellows who were supposed to be making their living by hunting and shooting, and then writing about their expereince. What are ya'lls thoughts on this?
  2. jerry

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    in some possible rare cases there may be present the better accuracy of one round in one type of action or another. as far as gun rags, yes this is how they make a living. a while back ago i set to taking info from most as entertainment, or let me know if there is something new out there. i have found in a lifetime of reading them they tend to repeat themselves on a lot of things and contradict on a few. unfortunately i don't have the cash to try everything my self. this still leaves me curious to who has, hence a place like this to get things squared away. ie. when done here i'll start a different thread here since it is apropriate. I know it can be frustrating, just kind a gotta roll with it.