Could you hit a target 1,000 yards away? These sharpshooters can

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    The shooters -- old, young, male, female, fat, skinny, military, civilian, laconic, voluble, Southern, Northern -- have come to the Camp Perry National Guard base outside Port Clinton, Ohio, for the 2009 National Rifle Shooting Championships (this year`s championships, which are annual, run from Aug. 14 to 18). Think of it as the Super Bowl of long-range shooting.

  2. I think I could? But, I honestly don't know and would sure as hell like to try and find out. Don't know that I'll ever get the chance to though? Don't have a firearm that's made to shoot that far. I mean, there's no sense having one dedicated to doing so if there's no where to shoot it regularly. Strange as it might be to some, it's one of the many items on my bucket list. lol