Could you realy pull the triger?

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    Ok, we all have debated 45 vs 9mm...we have talked about were, how many, and what ammo we keep in our choice of firearms. But IF push came to shove..if your awakened to the sights and sounds of a nother person in your space...about to do you or a family member harm. Could you realy pull the triger? Ok before everyone goes ya Id smoke the homie with my glock and then get me back up 50 cal., let get real...My experience in combat was that the people who talked the bigest ammount of BS before the battle was the ones who froze. The question is not with what nor a my glocks so big ?. When you look past the night sights into the eyes of a fellow human....could you pull the triger?

    For me, I answered the question in Beriut...I have no doubt in my mind that I could pull the triger. My wife who is a good shoot...I realy dont believe she could..but then again who knows she may bust caps and enjoy it...can speak for other.

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    HMM I hope so

    Well Its hard to say; I have no doubt that I could do it if it meant my family was in danger. But I fear I may take too long trying to make sure it was a BG since I do have kids in the house. On the other hand I rarely wake startled in the middle of the night to noise. It would have to be a large crashing sound to alert me. If someone broke in and turned on the TV I probably would sleep on through it all; unless its loud enough to keep me from sleeping.

    But seriously I probably would do it but I would have to be ****ed sure it was justified.

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    This is a very, very situational question to answer (a lot of variables). I think I would come out with a phone and my Glock 17 with a loaded magizine, empty chamber. Depending what he/she is doing- offer them a chance to stop/get the h*ll out of my house. If they refuse, offer again. Then, depending what they did, call 911 or load one into the chamber. Remember, you can always fire that as a warning/distress shot, which would motivate that party into rethinking their situation. After that, it is really hard to say. When it comes down to it, I never want to shoot anyone, but, if it comes down to me or them, I might pull it.....Hard to say, never want to find out. At least that is what I am going with for now....

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    Well, actually, I have a Sig, not a Glock, that I would grab first. And I doubt I would use my .50 for backup, it is too heavy and unwieldy for home defense. I am fairly certain I can pull the trigger if the situation warrant deadly force.
  5. If some one was in my house, and i believed that they were intent on doing myself or my family harm. YES!
    If it was some punk trying to run out the front door with a TV, NO I might try and bluff them to stop and hold them there, but my gun would be loaded and cocked. In case they decided to turn on me.
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    I hope I would. I've never shot a human, but I've had to put down my share of pets. Looking into their eyes and saying goodbye, then pulling the trigger, or holding their head while the vet put the needle in and pumped the syringe dry.

    I've had cop friends who've said they'd rely on me to back them up in a firefight. Seasoned, streetwise cops. What do they know?

    If I'm not gonna use it when I would need to, then it's more than worthless to me. It's a liability. How can I face my wife and kids if I don't feel absolutely certain that I'd be able to do what I must, when I must, without question or hesitation? I read something like that written by Massad Ayoob many moons ago. I spent a little time thinking about what he said, then made up my mind that I had to choose between being a coward, or being a man. What choice do I really have?

    I said a lot of words, but I don't think I'm just blowin' smoke. I wanted to share some thoughts that were shared with me a while ago. I certainly don't need to convince myself, or anyone else, of what I will or won't do when the time comes.

    By the way, I know that people aren't animals, but any of you who've had a good dog or horse ought to appreciate what I've said.

    And the answer's "Yes".
  7. My .02 cents


    With no doubt in my mind, I have to say yes. I have resigned myself to the fact that if I do level a gun at anyone, they have been written off as dead already.

    That being said, it would have to be an extreme circumstance for me to do so, and I would have assesed the situation long before using the weapon. I have far many more ways to keep people out and alert me if they do get in.

    I can grab the phone and hold the 2nd floor, top of the stairs as I call 911.

    I hope I am never in that situation.

    The best way is to not allow yourself to be a victim and take a proactive stance by making your property a hard target. They will most likely move on to the next house.

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    If someone broke into my house and was going to harm me or my girlfriend I'd take out the 870 and blow him away like lint, hopefully it will never happen, I'd try scareing him first with the weapon, but if he came at me he'd loook like swiss chese afterwords.:assult:
  9. Knowing far too well more and more victims are being seriously harmed or killed during home intrusions would give me even more credible reason to fear for my life.

    I have no doubt in my mind I would use deadly force if needed.

    It may sound very cold to some, but if I were on solid ground I have no qualms in doing my best to make sure the intruders would never scare the bejeezus out of anyone again.

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    Someone in my house. I would use a Buford Pusser stick, The sound is much more rewarding.

    The balloon goes up. No Prob
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    yes. better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.
  12. Oxford

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    Do it when necessary but you may second guess yourself later

    I'd better be able to pull the trigger if/when the situation demands that action be taken. That's my plan and I plan to stick to it if required.

    On the other hand not ever having had to shoot (at)anyone, the question always will be there till some intruder forces me to answer with flying bullets.

    I would have to second what Ben P wrote, though, about having to put down animals. Unfortunately, I've had to do that too many times. When those eyes looked at me something happened to my will to pull the trigger. Then I took a moment and thought of the reason I was required to do the job. Afterwards, it almost made me sick to my stomach and made me wonder if I was some kind of pervert for having done what I had to do.

    If my life or that of my family was involved I believe I'll do whatever is necessary to protect them.
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    I too tested my ability to pull the triger in the service. so how does it go been there done that.
    after doing that though I too would have to admit that this and being a form LEO I would hesitates just a little to make sure of the BG status, once astablished lock and load
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    I've asked myself that question too. What I've concluded is this:
    If someone sees a huge shotgun pointed at them and doesn't leave my home immediately, they're seriously wrong and are an immediate danger. If they become aggressive after a warning shot or a non-lethal shot, it's even more serious and I'd better pump that next shot and pull the trigger on a lead one.

    The way I see it, they will have had ample opportunity not to show that their intention is to harm me and my family, and that I really will need to pull the trigger, and will know it at the time.

    From people who've had training and had to use it, I'd like to know what it takes for it to kick in.
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    If you are in my home and you aren't supposed to be there, then you are in serious trouble. I will not hesitate to empty my pistol into your body. If you live that's fine, I'll see you in court. If you die that's too bad, but you made a choice to be somewhere you were not supposed to be and I can only assume that your intent is to harm me or my family. You should have asked yourself two questions before you decided to enter my home: What if the guy who lives there has a gun? and Is anything in his house worth dying for?
    There will be no warning shots. maybe a warning shout to get out or face the consequences, but brother let me tell you that if I deploy that weapon in your direction your life is about to change.
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    Hard question and I really don't think there is an answer to that.
    "what it takes to kick in" I really couldn't tell you It just did both in the service and as an LEO I really don't like to talk about either so I won't go into detail. I just went on auto poilet and the training did the rest. Some hwere on here ( I think it was someones signiture) I read when in an emergency one will act as he was trained or something to that effect anyway. Its true.
    If you train to do it when it comes time you don't thimk about it, It just happens.
    If you have never had to do it I pray you never will. Once you do its something you won't ever forget.
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    If I had no other choice, Yes.:target:
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    Train to win the fight and you will fight the way you trained. It doesn't take a gun to kill, guns are just the tool, it's a hard heart that kills. Regards.
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    If I find someone in my home uninvited I guarantee the only way they will survive will be a medical miracle. I WILL fire until the ammo runs out. This for two reasons, one, its hard for a dead person to refute your self defence claim, and two, IF by some chance I miss and dont kill them outright, they can not use my own weapon against me or others. Unless you concider using a empty gun as a club.:assult: :assult: :assult:
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