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    Well, I finally did it today, bought my first MN. I've been looking around for a while without too much luck. I've only got two gun stores around here that are worth a salt so the pickin's are slim. There doesn't seem to be a lot of interest in MN's around here so they don't stock what they don't sell. Anyway , the one store had three about a week ago so I went in to check them out. One was gone and the other two were a '42 and '43 Izzy's, both with all matching numbers. I checked the '43 and liked the looks of it, nice wood and clean metal, but the barrel was heavyly frosted. I then looked at the '42 and it was just a tad lesser overall,but the barrel was bright and just some light frost, and being the fact this one was really gunked up with cosmo it might be better anyway. I paid $129.00 for it and if I would have to buy online or in another state, I would have paid that much or more for shipping and transfer and the like. So, I can't wait to clean her up and do some shooting. He thru in a box of Wolf ammo, but I want to get a spam or two, and i'd like to know where's the best place to order some and what kind should I get or stay away from? ( as in country's of origin) I guess you guy's who have access to more stores and guns probably think I paid too much,but given the circumstances around here it's the best I could do. I guess I'm in the club now huh? Who do i send my dues too? LOL I'm sure I'll be back real soon to ask more questions.....bob v
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    Sounds like you got a great rifle! Of course, with out pics....we won't believe you! LOL!!!

    No, if you do not have a C&R here is how it stacks up...Rifle 90 bucks, shipping 14+, transfer fee 25 and up.

    So, when one looks at cost: 90 + 14 + 25 = 129.00 Nope, I don't think you paid too much.

    Clean that sucker up and post some picks! Of course, we do need a range report as well.

    As for ammo. I have shot a lot of surplus ammo and have not found any "bad" surplus ammo. I buy most of my Mosin ammo from AIM Surplus. Shipping should not be too bad to where you are from them.


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    Congrats, post pics when you can!
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    Yep, it ain't real till we see pics. Did you add your name to the Mosin Roll Call thread?
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    Did you add your name to the Mosin Roll Call thread?[/QUOTE]
    Not yet, didn't know!!!
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    New York
    What country make best ammo? Is MOSIN, not fancy capitalist ammunition! All Mosin ammo shoot good! Better you use 180 grain heavy ball in 91/30. Just be sure range not have problem with steel core bullets. Steel core bullet shoot thru car, no lie. Blows hole thru 12.5mm mild steel plate, too. (That half inch of steel to you Yankee running dogs.)
  7. Congrats on your first purchase, $129 is not that bad. Just look at it this way, after you get your C&R the next 6 MN's will even out the price :)

    So have you slugged your bore out yet? Will be handy if you ever start reloading. Mosin Nagant Rifle Bore Slugging Tutorial
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    Well let's see, 30 bucks for a C&R. About 20 bucks shipping. Zero transfer fee. AIM 91/30 for $69.99. Total. $119.99

    Hmmm, would have been cheaper to get your C&R first, but then you would have had to wait for the government red tape to actually get it to you before you could order. 10 bucks more and you got it now and got to inspect it first.

    Six of one, a half a dozen of the other as my Mama always said. But I would seriously consider getting that C&R for the next time.
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    I don't think you got a bad deal. When I got my "new" 91/30 I paid $150. That was with a box of brown bear as well though. Shot all of my silver bear out of my m44 and my last 91/30. I paid $99 for my first MN three years ago, now the prices around here are at least $120.
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    I plan on getting my C&R this week. Where's the best site to explain how to go about it?.....bob v
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    Cruffler is as good as it gets on explaining the process.
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    DON"T DO IT!!!! Unless you want to own stock in a gun safe company! You get that C&R and the next thing ya know you will be buying Christmas gifts for the UPS driver and have 5 gun safes of varying sizes, an over limit credit card and Mosins stacked in every corner of every closet you have! Do yourself a favor....don't get your C&R!!!!!

    I got mine three years ago....I know not how many Mosins I have.....I made a pact with myself to NEVER look at Mosins at gun shows anymore. Trust me...don't do it.
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    O.K. here's some pics and some ?'s. First the gun is a refurbished imported by Century.It is not counter-bored but the barrel has been recrowned,is this normal with a refurb? Also when I was cleaning the stock I saw where it looks like they stripped it some ,probably to get most of the cosmo off and laid a coating of stain or laquer or some finish over it. I didn't want to get too deep into mit right now ,so I was cleaning it with some light solvent (paint safe) and the finish started to flake off a little. As you see in the pics, Ivan really worked over the receiver with the buffer and just about took off all the markings so much so that they stamped over the arsenal mark with something,I haven't figured it out yet LOL The bore cleaned up real nice. Rifleing is sharp and bright, barrel slugs to 313. I wish the markings were better ,but if it's accurate I'll be happy with a good shooter ........for now ! sorry for the quality of the pics, I'm no good with cameras and computers and such. Well, it's all back together and when the rain stops, maybe later this week, it's off to the range. I can't wait!!......bob v
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    here's the pics to go with the last post

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  16. all rearsenaled mosins had the crown cleaned up or were counterbored. whichever was needed.
    they all got the rust removed and black paint applied where needed and then got the shellac treatment by the guy with the vodka in one hand and the paint brush in the other.
    i can't stand the shellac, myself. i'm happy when it starts falling off so i can just scrape off the rest. as far as i know, only the refurbs had shellac. not original condition mosins. it's the worst wood protectant ever!
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    Yah no doubt how is it supposed to protect when it falls off? I dont think my mosi made it a month before I refinished it lol
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    thanks for the info. As I said before if it's a good shooter I'll be happy. My next one I'll have more time to look for a little better one. Just a matter of time and I'll probably strip the stock and refinish it, but I just finished up an Arisaka T-99 in pretty rough shape so my wife has just about had it with solvent smell and the like on me, the cats, the garage and in general LOL. I'll give her a break for a while and besides, I need time to shoot my Mosin! Right?.....bob v
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    enjoy enjoy enjoy