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  1. Anyone here ever play Counter-Strike online??, i just played it after a long absence from playing it, and now i know why i stopped playing, every server i played on tonight was awash with cheats and cheaters of some kind, why can't people just play the game fairly why must they ruin it by cheating?
    sorry i just had to vent!
  2. johno

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    i've never played counterstrike, but i played starcraft and diablo online, and rarely enjoyed because everyone that went online knew how to hack the game and would win that way. after a few games i never went on again. i don't see why anyone would have to cheat to win against another human. there is no honor in it a victory won by cheating.

  3. Klaus

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    Same problem with Mechwarrior 3 and 4. The **** cheaters have to mess up every online game.
  4. I used to play warcaft2 online that was the only game i played that didn't have 90% of the people hacking.

  5. johno

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    never played war2 online. probably just as bad by now. the only way i play online anymore is to find 1 or more people i know, and make sure they're the only ones in the game.
  6. Chris

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    Star Craft, War Craft 3, and I want to get Counter Strike, but I am too cheap to buy it or download it ;)