Couple more uniform chuckles

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    Pretty lady walking down the street notices a man following her. She crosses the street a few times and goes aroud a few corners but he is still there.
    Seeing a beat cop she calls him over, and says "this man is following me." The cop looks her over, notices her too short mini skirt, and shapely form."madam"he says "if I wasn't on duty, I would be following you too!"

    During WWII, a naked man is caught in the hallway chasing a semi-clad chamber maid. Upon his capture it is discovered he is a soldier. He is brought up on a court martial, on the charge of being out of uniform.
    Citing a section of conduct he succefully defends himself, seems that all service personnel were required to be in uniform, with the exception being that they were allowed out of uniform if appropriately dressed for the sport involved.

    Seeing a young driver swerving, spinning his tires and not completely stopping @ signs, a cop pulls him over. The driver says that he thinks there may be some mechanical problems with the car. The cop agrees, he says the obvious problem is the NUT holding the steering wheel.