Court-Video: Convicted Murderer Attempts to Take Officers Gun After Sentencing..

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Marine1, May 14, 2008.

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    I like the one lady just standing there in the way screaming...


    Reminds me of someones forum sig. lol
    "You, you and you, Panic! The rest of you come with me!"

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    <sheriff> "Oops your honor, I didn't mean to kill him....must've went off while we were struggling." It would save the MI taxpayers some money!
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    They need to restrain the dangerous ones a bit better. Maybe mittened manacles, with the hands shackled at the waist?
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    Most departmental procedures I know of are...waist shackles and frontal handcuffs. Especially in capitol crime or high-profile felony cases.:thinking:
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    That's crazy insane....
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    Probably because the idiots still have to sign X amount of legal documents from all sides of the proceedings, which require the use of fingers and opposable thumbs.

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    You must be a present or former LEO, to know this information?:lmao::lmao::lmao:
  9. Signatures or not, I'd still have the bas**rd hardcuffed, period. Complacency kills...
  10. Troy

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    how bout once a proper guily verdict is in, someone just draws down on the POS and he's dragged out and dumped somewhere. no fuss, no muss.
  11. Maybe we could hot-glue them spreadeagled and face down to a sheet of plywood. Oh yeah.
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    Thats what I was thinking .
  13. After this idiots actions I really doubt anyone will seriously consider any appeal he might put forward. Sadly this does occasionally happen, I believe all dangerous defendants should be shackled at least by the leg to a ring in the floor. Then they can be handcuffed and led away!
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    Why waste the money, a 9mm round is cheaper and much more effective at restraining people. Most murderers shouldn't even have a trial, they should just be shot when apprehended.
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    I like the lady in the Zyrtec commercial. Very nice!
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    In Georgia the use of force on a defendent in Superior Court is the word convicted. Felons can flee and get away, kinda like a felon "suspect" use of lethal force not allowed. When a judge bangs his gavel on felon, thens he,s fair game. Example-Many years ago, we had a def. armed robber (felony), got convicted in court. In hallway asked deputy could kiss wife good bye. Threw wife into deputy, took off down stair well, got to 2nd floor, deputy caught up with one round 357 back of head of fleeing (convicted) felon. Justified. Now in Atlanta, def. got deputy,s gun, shot judge, court reporter, GBI agent. Two years in court getting him a lawyer. Want to talk about a big waste of taxpayers money. I'm against the current form of capital punishment. Take em out of court straight to town square and hangem. Talk about cost effective, can use over & over.
  18. i like youtube better, you dont get comercials.....yet

    also, they should have beat the living crap out of that son-uv-a-bitch