Courts; UT Memorial Crosses Unconsitutional

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    23,432 - Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Utah Memorial Crosses Along Highway

    Where the crosses are found and whom they honor

    » William J. Antoniewicz, died 1974, cross is near rest stop in Echo Canyon on Interstate 80.

    » Joseph S. Brumett III, 1992, and Robert B. Hutchings, 1976, UHP field office in Murray.

    » Daniel W. Harris, 1982, Parleys Canyon on I-80, milepost 132.

    » Randy K. Ingram, 1994, Interstate 15 near Nephi, milepost 207.

    » Ray L. Pierson, 1978, and Armond A. Luke, 1959, intersection of Highway 89 and State Route 20, Garfield County.

    » Dennis L. Lund, 1993, rest stop on Interstate 70, eight miles west of State Route 6 junction.

    » George D. Rees, 1960, and Thomas S. Rettberg, 2000, I-15 rest stop in Farmington, milepost 327.

    » Doyle R. Thorne, 1994, quarter-mile east of Currant Creek Junction on Highway 40, Duchesne County.

    » George E. Van Wagenen, 1931, and John R. Winn, 1971, Main Street in Lehi next to railroad museum.

    » Charles Warren, I-15 in Springville, milepost 262.

    So does this mean that our money is unconstitutional as well?
  2. I am beyond sick and tired of these worthless do-nothings with more time on their hands than ambition want to start a fight over a monument to honor those than fell in the publics defense. My answer to you is shut up sit down and thank whomever you wish that these troopers stepped forward to serve YOU. You should be thankful beyond measure such men and women lived and died for you. Shame on you is too mild but I'll use no harsher language! May every meal you eat every drink you take leave a bitter shameful taste upon your tounge it is no less than you deserve!


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    HRMPH! Muslim mosques popin up everywhere, and Christianity being stomped on left and right. Frickin hypocracy.
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    New York
    I wonder if those atheist jerkwads would have a problem with the crosses being replaced by Utah Highway patrol badges with a rectangle under it containing the same information presently provided. While I think those Texas atheists are complete and utter clods for making a mountain out of a molehill, I do wish the court had remembered the object of the exercise: to honor slain peace officers. In my opinion, this entire case falls under the heading of "Bailiff, dropkick these troublemakers off the courthouse steps for wasting the Court's time."
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    If this stands , I bet you they then try to get crosses removed from Arlington National Cemetary Next...Why would Texas Atheists care about something in Utah ???
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    Hrm...let's see...Utah, populated by more active Christians than most states...home of the Mormons...

    What better place to absolutely thumb their noses at Christianity???
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    I realy want to see them try to remove the crosses in Arlington. I think that would be the last straw for some of us. I'm old but I still remember what I learned in the Army.
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    Madalyn Murray O'Hair is the creator of the (literally) unholy organization called the American Atheists. She is lesser known for having children out of wedlock and affairs with married men. One of the members of her group murdered her in 1995.
    The intent of the organization is to insure the separation of church and state, or so they claim. Their actual intent is the suppression of Christianity while having their belief supported by court rulings. Yes, one of their goals is not only the removal of the crosses at Arlington, but at every cemetary that recieves any state or federal funds of any kind.
    I don't quite understand how the courts reached the ruling they did with the Utah crosses. It is my understanding that the crosses are erected on behalf of the family, not the state, and therefore are the property of the family, not the government. The reason the crosses in Utah were challenged is precisely for the reason speculated above. If they can win such a decision in Utah, they feel they can win anywhere.
    Oh, btw, these same individuals are strangely silent where the subject of incorporating Sharia law into local law is concerned or when symbols of Islam are on public property or even when taxpayer dollars being used to fund an Imam taking a trip to the Middle East or used to promote the building of a mosque.
    Can you say hypocrites? I knew you could.
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    I want these rat bastids out of my state!