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    Numbers have been juggled to frame the propaganda. I'm sure if you'd widely test for (insert pathogen here) you'd find it in lots of people who are asymptomatic or experiencing minor symptoms.

    But the media report on the huge spike in CASES or POSITIVE tests (and there are also a fair bit of false positives). These numbers are meaningless. Yet hyped in propaganda that our world is ending. The meaningful numbers are hospitalization rates and death rates amongst different groups (where the disease was a primary and not merely contributing factor to the morbidity/mortality).

    Let's not forget a 74 year old heavy guy (in reasonable but not great shape) got this, was treated, and right back to work in a couple of days. Granted HIS health care was better than most of us would get yet it turned out (with treatment) to be a non-event.

    Doesn't mean ya blow it off -- just like any OTHER flu (or disease) this thing can kill ya. But its lethality for most of the population has been wayyyyyyyyy overblown and a field day for statists. If you're in a higher risk group by all means do what you can--just like you'd do for any OTHER flu or cold during the cold and flu seasons.

    But you also have to consider the huge opportunity costs for altering the life of a nation due to the flu. Target fixation will kill ya for sure.

    The virus also enjoys genetic mutations which apparently have moved away from mortality.

    So, like I've said from the beginning, it's the RESPONSE and propaganda which is the threat. We've been royally screwing ourselves.

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    With the inability of the Loony Left to get President Trump ousted, and the election nearing and their idiot's win a diminishing possibility, this whole Plandemic thing was a godsend for them. Too many of their functionaries are in positions with power to really scew things up. This can then be blamed on Trump and the GOP, by the marxist Drive By Media. When Trump wins his second term, much wailing and gnashing of teeth will be done by the statists and their adoring braindead supporters. But I'd bet the whole Covid 19 reactionary BS will quickly taper off.
    They will look for another stupid thing to try to use against Trump.
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