Crappie Fry coming up

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by Oxford, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Oxford

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    My buddy, Glen, and I caught these eight crappie, all over 9" long. last Thursday. Two were 10 1/2".

    The weather was inviting for me to be outside doing something. Since deer season is two weeks off I knew it would be fishing time...again. Wind speed was around 5mph, temps around 70 F, very few other boats on the lake...all the conditions I need for a good day...other than catching fish.

    We were at our usual fishing hole...Smithville Lake, located about 20 miles north of Kansas City and we fished out of my old 16 ft aluminum boat.

    Next week I'll be putting up deer stands with my two son's in law and the following week we'll be enjoying our first deer hunt of this season.

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  2. Chris

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    Man o man...fried fish, cole slaw, and sliced onions.

  3. chesterwin

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    Don't forget the fried taters and hushpuppies!