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  1. Martin Rage

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    So I have noticed with my new 1911, my loads are producing some cratering even when bellow the "max" loads. Was wondering if anyone knew why this might be happening. No other signs of to much pressure. Will try to add pictures later.
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  2. Dutch

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    Okay, from what little I know primer cratering is not necessarily caused by excessive pressure. However, primer cratering is generally a sign of pressure. Flattened primers are a sign or more pressure, and something more serious. If you don't mind me asking, what is your load? If you are "close" to maximum, it might be normal. Flattened primers would be more worrying.

  3. Bart B.

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    If peak pressure's ok, there's usually one of two reasons why primers crater.Half of the first reason is the hole in your 1911's slide the firing pin pokes through. If it's too big, primer cups will swage into it and have the dimple's outer edge raised above the flat top of the primer. The other half is the firing pin diameter's too small. I don't know what specs are but there should be only a couple thousandths inch clearance between the hole and tip of the pin.Another is the firing pin tip is pointed or cone shaped. It's supposed to be near perfectly half-round shaped.
  4. buckXVR460

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    Cratering and excessive flattening of the primer may be a sign of high pressure, but cratering by itself is generally caused by an oversized firing pin hole, undersized firing pin, a combination of both or just the design of the bolt.(Bart B. alluded to this first). Federal primers? If you are sure of your charge weight and secure with your reloading practices, I suggest you try some factory loads and compare. If the problem persists, and it's a new gun, I'd contact the manufacturer. What brand of 1911?
  5. lefty o

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    as the others have alluded to, what do the primers look like from factory ammo? could be an ammo issue, or an issue with the pistol.
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    yeah what they said lol
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    ^Yeah,what he said they said. ,,,sam.
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    I agree with Sam! *LOL*
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    I'll side with jimb2 and Sam and Tracer and Lefty and Buck and Bart.
  10. Martin Rage

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    well good news, its just the pistol. Fired a mix of cheap ammo and they almost all cratered.
  11. lefty o

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    id contact the manufacturer, for me it would be unacceptable for a new pistol to do that.