Crazy and Scary Weather

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Brother Bob, Oct 26, 2020.

  1. Brother Bob

    Brother Bob G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Okay, it’s Oklahoma. I know. We’ve cornered the market in scary weather, but it’s October and we are having thunderstorms with sleet and heavy rain! Temperature is at 31 and the trees are loading up with ice. Problem is is that they are still leafed up! Many of my trees are still full of green leaves! We are under a Ice Storm Warning. This could be devastating! OG&E is reporting over 46,000 without power! No report from OEC yet. Waves of rain, sleet and snow. If it would have been colder from the ground to the clouds, we’d end up with 3+ feet of snow, if not more! I’ve got 2 inches of rain in the rain gauge and this is just the 1st round! It’s supposed to do this all the way through Thursday! My emergency generator is not working after $800 of repair calls! Pray for us folks!
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  2. Ten Man

    Ten Man G&G Evangelist

    Brother Bob, take a deep breath, and pause a minute to analyze the actual situation. You will make it through this, as you have always done.

    My best thoughts for your safety and security are coming at you.

    P.S. I have experienced a severe ice storm before, and the devastation it causes to trees that still have leaves on them. I understand your distress and concern. I'm sure you have a working chainsaw ready.
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  3. BigEd63

    BigEd63 G&G Evangelist

    Prayers sent.
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  4. Brother Bob

    Brother Bob G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Update. Over 61,000 without power now. Second wave hits later tonight. My biggest concern is my fruit trees that have taken a beating this year! I lost all but 5. Between the hail, 95 mph thunderstorm winds, and now an ice storm in October, I’d give up if I were a tree! My pine trees are broken down and the only reason I remain here is because it’s my childhood home and I have business interests here. Miss Wanda and I are considering Fairhope, Alabama as a second alternative. I love ocean fishing. It’s right off the Bay of Mobile, so we would get the full impact of a hurricane, even though it could be touchy during the winter months as severe thunderstorms are quite common after December. Just speculating right now. I’ll be 65 soon enough. May just sell it all and gamble. With our properties and cash savings I’m thinking we could get a nice place and pay cash. I hate to pull up roots from my home, but farming here has been an exercise in futility. Folks, we’ve pretty much lost most of our investment here. I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars on our property and the payback would make you all sad or snicker.
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  5. I am sorry for your troubles BrotherBob, we went through this in 2011...a freak snowstorm on Halloween trees still leafed.. we got through it...prayers sent..
  6. mauser9

    mauser9 G&G Evangelist

    Feel your pain all the way up here Bob. Is there anytime where you and Wanda have not had to endure these horrible weather patterns? I agree a move may be the best for you.
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  7. Jim Bridger

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    It is Winter in the High Country along the Great Divide.
    It was only -9 this AM and snow with 30 MPH winds.
    Brother Bob keeps me supplied in brass. I stay in my cave and reload.:D
  8. Brother Bob

    Brother Bob G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Maybe I can send a heating pad in your brass! I’ll look into it so you won’t have to deal with frosty brass! :D
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  9. mitchr

    mitchr G&G Evangelist

    Fingers crossed for you. Still having leaves could be a real problem! Had an ice storm hit here one year & pine trees have foliage year round. Ended up with couple 60' pine trees with no limbs & others with about half their limbs! I had an acre+ of tree liter about 4" thick!:(
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  10. BigEd63

    BigEd63 G&G Evangelist

    I remember in '93 that happening at Ft.McClellan AL. Area never had much ice and snow and every pine on base either snapped roughly in half or looked like a living telephone pole.
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  11. runfiverun

    runfiverun G&G Evangelist

    yeap, Jim got me by a few degrees here in the valley this morning.
    yesterdays snow melted in the afternoon then froze again before the evening snow.
    super happy I didn't have to drive anywhere.

    went from too warm to too cold overnight.
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  12. Ten Man

    Ten Man G&G Evangelist

    Just my opinion, but that move sounds like a leap out of the frying pan into the fire. Are you not aware of the Hurricane Season the Gulf Coast is STILL in? The weather patterns have changed for the worse in the Mid South, and moving from one part of it to another part of it sounds like an exercise in futility, and a useless expenditure of time and money. 2 cents (adjusted for inflation)
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  13. TXplt

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    You're in our prayers Bob and y'all take good care up here.

    We're down to 35 degrees down here just a little bit south of ya.

    After I type this, I'm going outside in the spa (it's heating up right now) tub and going to give Mother Nature the fingeroo with the temperature of the water heated to 104 degrees with that sleety cold mix all around me. (after going to the hot springs in Japan, I just couldn't get away from having some nice warm tubs to soak in. Even if I can't get there now due to the WuFlu, I can still have my own hot springs kinda thing).
  14. BigEd63

    BigEd63 G&G Evangelist

    36F here already and forecast low for the night for Fayetteville was 37F.

    I bet it hits 32F before the nights over here.:confused:
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  15. Huey Rider

    Huey Rider G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Prayers for ya, BB
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  16. chesterwin

    chesterwin G&G Evangelist

    Bob. Hunker down and clean up when it clears. No sense fretting. Moving either, unless you want to come to this stretch of Hurricane territory. We could weather it together then. :usa2:
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  17. Brother Bob

    Brother Bob G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Lacebark Elm in the backyard 070FFA72-3D04-427A-B5C9-03866606C7B9.jpeg
  18. Brother Bob

    Brother Bob G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

  19. Brother Bob

    Brother Bob G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Just lost my Lacebark Elm! 17935C1D-47A4-4933-8217-4EDE54940856.jpeg
  20. Ten Man

    Ten Man G&G Evangelist

    Sorry for the loss Brother Bob. :(

    Looks like you and Wanda weathered the storm better than your Elm tree did. :oops: