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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by TXplt, May 5, 2008.

  1. TXplt

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    Some folks I know are OK with snubby, but have limited proficiency (i.e. they're safe but not very accurate -- probably good enough). They shoot sometimes, but not alot to get a great deal better (DAO centennials/SP-101). They've mastered the basics on the snubby; my question is would laser grips help the average limited round shooter, particularly in low light conditions ? I realize that they are best used to back up a proper sight picture; however, given the short sight radius and difficulties to see under dim conditions I'm wondering the degree to which this might help.
  2. Windwalker

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    Purely a WAG on my part but I would think the laser grips would give a quicker and more accurate sight picture.

  3. I have CT grips on two of my HD guns, a 1911 and a M640. I think they are great for indoor, low light conditions.
  4. Bisley

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    I have CT laser grips on my S&W Model 642, and in my case, they have made a huge difference. The greatest benefit I have derived from them is the ability to do proper dry-fire practice, at home. By fixing the laser on a spot and squeezing the trigger, you can improve your ability to move the trigger finger independently of the rest of your hand, and your shooting will probably improve with all your handguns.

    I don't wish to be dependent on the laser sight, so I do most of my actual range practice with the conventional sights, and just finish up with the laser, because once you learn to squeeze the trigger properly, you don't really need much practice with the laser.

    Since practicing with the laser sight, I can shoot cloverleafs at 7 yards, without the laser, and I can shoot 4"-6" groups out to 15 yards, with the laser. I highly recommend them to anyone who has trouble shooting short-barreled guns accurately.
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    Thanks all ! -- think I'll give them a shot on the smith J frame.
  6. Ditto on my 642.
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    do you have any problems sing the dot in daylight?
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    Can't speak for anybody else, but I do. And in my opinion, besides being a great dry-firing aid, I feel the Lasergrips are best for target acquisition in an emergency, like a Bad Guy that's within bad breath range, where you can't use the normal sights, or even bring the pistol up. If you can get the dot on him, you got him. It'll also blind a BG temporarily, and I'd think that any idiot would think twice when he sees that bright red light in his face. :eek:wned2:

    I don't think they're that great for target shooting, unless you're shooting at exactly the distance they're zero'd with bullet impact. And outdoors in the daylight they're useless. They're also really good at opening up your eyes to how much you really shake and move the gun around! You'll be amazed how hard it is to hold that dot still.