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  1. Late yesterday afternoon a buddy of mine came over and brought along a crossbow he had just bought.

    We set up some planks behind some bales of straw he brought along also.

    We had a ball. I didn't realize how accurate (a closer ranges) those things were!

    He bought a hunters model and I was really impressed with it.

    I just might have to invest in one of those toys. The bolts are long lasting and fairly inexpensive.

    Has anyone else ever experienced plinking with one?
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    Yes, crossbows are ultracool. I have purchased a few over the years. I have found that if you get hold of a few of the archery magazines, there are some "wholesalers" that sell to the public. Order their catalogs (maybe online?), and you will save considerable money on the crossbows and the bolts.
    Be careful and Happy Trails, Jeffro (Jeff)

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    i have always been puzzled as to why some states that have bow and gun seasons, but will not allow crossbow hunting. it would seem a logical addition to hunting.:confused:
  4. I had the Jennings Devastator crossbow and it was awesome. You could add nightsights, laser or any number of things to it and boy was it powerful! When I bought it and took it home I set up two straw bales next to my shop. The bolt went through both bales, the 1/2 inch siding on the shop, throught the drywall and bounced around a bit inside. Papa G, the hunting rules here in Az. dont allow a crossbow on the bowhunt season because they can be carried "cocked" and ready to shoot like a gun can. We have a "HAM" hunt (handgun, archery, muzzleloader) and if you want to use a crossbow you have to do it during rifle season.
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    In the middle ages the Catholic church put a ban of sorts on crossbows,something like they were the Devil's weapon. What it really was,was a peasant could put a bolt through a Knight's armor,and that was really looked down on.
  6. guess we can't have the little people killing the royalty, can we?