Cure for Mosinitis

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by Hog Red, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. Hog Red

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    NW AR
    after buying a 91/30 2 weeks ago i got another fix today. brought home a 1946 Izzy M44 with matching numbers. Looks to be in great shape, we'll see how she shoots this weekend.

    Can anyone tell me what the proof mark on the barrel shank "final black powder" means?

    Thinking about what might be next. Hmmmmm
  2. gandog56

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    There is no cure. Can only alleviate the symptoms with a new Mosin.

  3. jmp8927

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    I'm actually pretty happy with just my 91/30 and 38...
  4. texnmidwest

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    Mosinitis is a chronic disease which can only be treated by buying another Mosin. The more you get the earlier models one looks for. Right now I am working on a Remington, Sesty, Chatterault (sp).....
  5. I've got 3,a M38, a M44 both Izzy's, and a 1929 Tula ex-dragoon according to the gap between the rear sight and the barrel, and I'm done buying Mosins.Plus there's the 91/30 I bought and gave to my dad, so I don't need anymore. Right now I'm looking for a SMLE, and am in the process of getting a Brazilian Mauser.Then after that I'm going to try and find a Jap rifle of some sort
  6. Have a stock 91/30 , 91/30 sporter, 91/59 , Ex Dragoon , Repro Sniper , and M44. I still want a Finn, but will jump on a 22LR trainer if I can ever find one.
  7. Well Hog, the only fix I can think of is giving me one or two of them. And then everytime you buy another, you immediately send it to me. then, after a while, you'll get tired of spending the money on them only to give them to me.

    But I will warn you, it can take up to sending me at least 10 to 15 of them before you can be cured.

    Just PM me for my address and we'll get started on curing you A.S.A.P.
  8. jack007

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    Tell yourself you don't have a problem ,,,,, I can quit anytime I get ready .

    Then get the first one shipped out to GM
  9. kansascoyote

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    final black powder means it was loaded with 2x the black powder it should have in it and it survived its a basic proof mark .
  10. Those trainers pop up on GunBroker from time to time.
  11. Hog Red

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    NW AR
    well I have brought home another one. This time another 91/30 Izzy dated 1943 has the brass end caps so i can tell it from it's near twin. Is there no end to this? gosh I hope not.
  12. MJ11

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    Your all stuffed now there is no turning back.


  13. ctreser

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    Every so often someone ask this question. So I will post a pic of the cure again. I would say the cure is worse than the disease. Oh! and it has to go in your stomach. :yikes:

  14. TinCan Assasin

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    Nice rack....


  15. MJ11

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    The poor fellow is in for it if he keeps going.