Custom Gunmakers of The 20TH Century

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    This was a very interesting book by Michael Petrov of gunmakers in America that pioneered many techniques still used today. I really enjoyed the background on A.O. Neidner, Griffin & Howe and Wundhammer but all mentioned were great craftsmen. The only complaint I have with the book is that it was way too short. It definitely needs to be expanded or followed with another volume. However I do recommend it for being enjoyable to read and very informative.


    When was this forum started? I just noticed it today. Thanks Chris!
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    Me, too. Thanks for the post, Para.

    For the hunters, especially those under 40, I strongly recommend "An American Crusade for Wildlife" to give you and idea what hunters have contributed to conservation. Knowing the idea is entirely different from appreciating the numbers. Knowing what once was might make you cry, but will also encourage you to work to make sure we don't lose more and perhaps replace some of what is gone.
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    Thanks Teach I'll look that one up.