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  1. 9mmXDm

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    Does anyone know of a reputable nationwide custom painting and or drawing place that does custom paintings and drawings?

    Or even better anyone in PA know of anyone within PA that does this?

    I was flipping through the CABELAS catalog today at work and came across their pictures of animals.

    We recently had to put one of our Golden Retrievers to sleep and it was hard on all of us.

    I was thinking it might be nice to take one of the many photos we have of him and to turn it into a custom painting and or drawing for my mother to hang on the wall somewhere.

  2. chesterwin

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    I'd look for a local artist to do the work...

  3. woody1981

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    Know of no one in southwest PA. Have you considered one of your local school district art teachers. They often have tremendous skills and might do the job pretty cheaply for you?
  4. 9mmXDm

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    Looking at the bigger picture as a local local person may not have the time to work on it while a bigger firm may. While I don't want the work to suffer I would like it by Christmas.

    I could try calling my old school district and seeing about it.

    I am going to talk to my dad and I think I may call our photography friend and ask him if he knows anyone.
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  5. drtybykr

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    My brother in law has oil paintings done of his yorkies. He sent photos off, and back came the paintings, very high quality. I believe it was from an artist in china?
  6. Tigercat200

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    My wife found a lady where we live in Illinois that did a watercolor from pictures of our daughter and son-in-laws dogs that came out pretty nice. I don't recall whether she had a small ad in the local "shopper" or just where my wife found out about her. It's Fall and the art fairs and town celebrations are starting. Go to a couple of them and I bet you can find an artist to do the work. Do you know anyone who makes jewelry? Ask them since most of the artists know each other. Is there a local arts council to contact? Good luck.
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  8. thicket

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    look on ebay in 'services'.

    if they aren't digital, keep copies of the pictures you mail.

    you might find a digital artist on ebay, too. they can take several digital pics and make something good
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    There are great artists in every city across this country. Check craigslist for advertisers, or put up your own ad. Just start off by meeting them in a public place, ask them to bring a few examples of work and don't pay them very much (I would vote to not pay anything) up front.

    Also, you could probably go into a local art museum, gallery or art shop and ask around. You'll find someone that knows someone that knows someone real quick.

    When I can, and depending on what it is, I like to give my money to the small guy/gal, and keep the flow of cash out of the hands of the already rich. They don't need it.
  10. mdj696

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    I have an artist friend in Knoxville, Tn that's makes bronze statues of horses and is an excellent artist.
  11. chesterwin

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    If there is an art class at a nearby University or Community College, see if you can get the art teacher to make it a class project. You'd have lots of paintings to choose from then! Heck, you might be surprised how much talent is in your local high school...
  12. BunnyWabbit

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    Post some pictures that artist would use. I'd like to see them.