Customs: No guarantees security will stop nuclear smuggling

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    Sleep tight...

    Customs: No guarantees security will stop nuclear smuggling

    Washington-AP -- New security steps taken by the Customs Service may not be enough to stop a terrorist from smuggling in nuclear weapons.

    The Customs commissioner warns there are no guarantees. Still, Robert Bonner insists the agency is "on top of the situation."

    He points to a number of new improvements since the September eleventh terror attacks.

    By January, every Customs inspector will be equipped with a pocket-sized radiation detector. Also, inspectors are getting better training.

    Bonner acknowledges that Customs now is able to inspect only two to three percent of all cargo containers.

    But he stresses more is being done to keep tabs on suspicious containers. The agency is working with other nations on a system to screen cargo containers before they're shipped to the U-S.

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    So, they can't stop illegal aliens, or even want to, but they are on top of the situation to stop other types of smuggling, as long as they go through customs. It all makes sense now. Mr. Scott, one to beam up, ASAP.

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    Customs couldn't catch a cold!

    Do you think the "Sum of all Fears" is close at hand?

    If we leave it to the gov't it soon will be.