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Cz 22

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by panhandler, May 10, 2002.

  1. We've got a guy down here who's shooting our eyes out with a CZ .22 bolt action. I think it's a five-shot model. Where can I get one, and what's the price? The good ole boys, like me, are embarrassed and want to even the odds! Thanks for any help!
  2. CZ452

    What he probably is using is the very accurate CZ 452. I am thrilled with mine.

    There are several versions available including several Bavarian stocked versions, an American (straight) stocked version, a Varmint and Silhouette version.

    All use the same action and barrel, except the Varmint with a heavy barrel.

    There is also a Scout Youth version with a shorter reach and barrel.

    Visit to see the available models.

    CZ-USA of Kansas City, MO. is the U.S. distributor and their site will direct you to a stocking dealer.

    J&G Sales of Prescott, AZ is a good source if you have a local FFL dealer to work with. Go to to see their line up and pricing.

    I purchased my CZ 452 Special for $210 w/ tax from a local stocking dealer earlier this year. I gave my Ruger 10/22 to my father-in-law a couple of weeks ago because I just can't go back to it after shooting the 452.

  3. I'm on the case! Thanks!