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    A Cobra is in the pic by default but the 52 remains my least expensive gun I own and I have kept it all these years since getting it for a tad over $100.

    I am puzzled why this inexpensive gem isn't added to many gun collections of gun aficionados but it takes an open mind to lower one's self esteem to get one!

    Quite simply it is a riot to shoot. Others at the range who haven't heard one go off think your gun blew up or something, and if your brass ejects into another shooter he or she will be taken to the hospital for blunt trauma!

    Anyway, how have you CZ fans found this gem to be?
  2. ChaZam

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    I love mine. Wish I had kept the 1st one that I owned as it was almost unused with the original finish almost 100%.

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    There is a gentleman on another forum who routinely slams these pistols as being unsafe, fragile, finicky and all hype. I don't own one simply because I'm not a fan of semi-autos but my nephew uses ammo from Reed's Ammo and that stuff is hot. I've never heard of him having a single problem. I'd be hard pressed to pick which is more deafening; his CZ or my other nephew's .30 Carbine Blackhawk.
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    I have never had the pleasure of seeing one in action but i hear they make a very satisfying BOOM!
  5. I love my 52. If you look at the design, the Czechs were spot on with the practicality of it. However, it is as long as a 1911 and not very pretty. Also, the firing pin is a bit fragile, but at least they are fairly cheap and easy to replace. you can pick up a new pin for less than $20 and if you know this gun already, you just drop it in. What really surprises me is that no other Eastern Bloc countries adopted it as their side arm during the Cold War.
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    They are great little guns, very practical and loud. Not super accurate, in mine anyway. Also, they are not 100 bucks anymore, unfortunately.
  7. +1 Piper17. The CZ52 is one of the best handgun buys on the market. I can't understand why these guns aren't more popular.
  8. Just surfing and found this thread. I have two CZ 52s, one converted at the factory to a 9mm and stamped to make matching numbers. Both came with original (old) holsters and are really great shooters. I have several newer guns of multiple makes but I really like these two guns and shoot them often.
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    I have 2. the 7.62x25 cartridge is an awsome little round! before ammo was plentiful & cheap in the USA. they made drop in 9mm barrels for them. to me. having one in 9mm defeats their purpose. kinda like having a magnum revolver and only shooting "specials" out of it.
  10. I wish they were 100 bucks. I like all the cz's I've shot
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    Cz52's arent as plentiful or cheap as they once where, same with the avalibility of aftermarket upgrades. I have a 120 dollar Cz52 with 400 dollars in upgrades... I know,.. seemed like a good idea at the time. Anyway my gun is VERY accurate. It is hard to find a Cz 52 that is not. If you can get one they are worth while pistols. The reason they did not proliferate was cost. The Cz 52 was an expensive and complicated gun too make. It was the first post war designed firearm produced By Cz. It became a matter of Chechslovakian pride that they produced their own sidearm. The TT33 is as durable, reliable, and accurate, also cheaper to make, but not as "cool"
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    I agree: I have added Novak sights to mine as the original equipment was incompatible with my original equipment.:15:

    Hits what you aim at - loudly.
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    the sights are definatly the weak spot on the CZ 52. I had afternmarket sights put on one of mine and it made a big difference.
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    I agree with blaster on the sights. They are too small for these 75 year old eyes. Other than that I like the gun alot. Its not as pretty as my Cz 75B, but I got a good deal on it and its in really great shape. I did some research on them and found that some of the earlier ones would accidently discharge when the decocker was pushed. I read some horror stories on that isue. I read that if the gun had been sent back to ordnance to address that problem the gun would be stamped with a "Z" on the trigger guard. My gun has this stamp and I verified that it would not fire with the decocker pushed by taking it to the range and trying it out a number of times. I don't dry fire it either. My research verified that it does indeed have a weak firing pin.

    I haven't fired the gun at night but I've heard it referred to as a "Flame Dragon".

    Another important point I want to make is that I don't shoot military surplus ammo through the gun. I don't remember all of the details about the markings on the ammo containers and the ammo not to use, as its been many years since I did the research, but there was another gun that used the 7.62x25 round. I think it was some type of sub machine gun and the ammo was "hotter". I saw a picture of a Cz52 split open because the wrong ammo was used.
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    I have my CZ52, but my CZ82 is the shiznit.
  16. wow, this a pretty interesting pistol! Too bad CZ stopped producing it, and searching around, it seems like the surplus and imports have stopped as well. Maybe one day the engineers will think "Hey, what the heck? Let's double stack it and give it a polymer frame"
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    it don't have to be a re vamped CZ 52 but I sure wish someone would produce a high capacity pistol in 7.62x25.
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    Bite your tongue!

    I do not own, or even want, a polymer framed pistol!
  19. I edited out the posst. Sorry, I previously posted this info. Regrets. Dan
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    They still have them in 'unissued' and 'excellent' condition at Czechpoint firearms, which I would be interested in if my FFL03 wasn't useless for handguns.