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Discussion in 'CZ' started by James Durham, May 13, 2002.

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    Hey Guys,
    Not right forum, but I NEED help!!
    Looking at the SOG at for their CZ52 pistols. It shoots the 7.62x25 round. I don't know enough "yet" about all the former Soviet pistol rounds and need some info.
    I've read that these CZ52 pistols also shoot whats called a 7.62 Tokarev cartridge.
    What is this 7.62 Tokarev Cartridge????
    Is it a 9x18 Mak Or something I've seen called a 9mm Mak???
    Need some help here, I don't know whether to buy the CZ52 in 7.62x25 or the Bulgarian Mak in 9x18.
    Thanks for any and all info.
  2. The 52 fires the 7.62 x 25 round and it's often referred to as the Tokarov round (as was the original designation for the round). As far as I know it's the only round the 52 fires unless it's been converted.

    The 7.62 x 25 is, by no means, the 9 x 18 Mak!

    Both the CZ52 and Mak 9 x 18 are fine guns. I have one of each. But the 52 is, by and large, the work horse of the two. When it was developed it was done so to penetrate various types of body protection and it would penetrate with ease. The 7.62 x 25 is a hyper fast projectile while the 9 x 18 is between a .380 and a 9mm in power.

    The one major problem with a 7.62 x 25 is that if you use it at normal combat/self protection ranges of 7-10 meters the round is liable to strike it's target long before the perpetrator realizes he is incapacitated.

    The 9 x 18, on the other hand is much less effective at the same range but will offer slightly more knock-down due to lower velocity.

    The choice is yours.

    Like I said both are good weapons. The 52 is awesome in a lot of respects (and anyone hearing the muzzle blast will have the look of 'holy bejeezus' in their eyes) but for self protection you might want to consider a .40 S/W round weapon or a .45 ACP.

    The 7.62 x 25 is readily available now as is the 9 x 18 and both are fairly inexpensive, at least, here, where I live.
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    The 9x18, or 9mm mak, is exactly between the .380 acp (aka pmm kurz or 9x17) and the 9x19(aka 9mm para, 9mm parabellum, or 9mm luger). It was developed as the most powerful round that could be fired in the Soviet Makarov service pistol.

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  5. James Durham

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    Thanks Guys!!!

    Thanks for the info guys!!!
    I'm NOT much of a pistol guy. A rifle guy is what I am.
    Been thinking of getting either a Mak 9x18 or a CZ52 in 7.62x39.
    What I do like about these pistols is their versatility:
    The Mak could be rebarreled into a .380 acp and the CZ52 could be rebarreled into a 9mm; in case the old Soviet ammo dries up one of these days.
    I've heard both are good shooters. Ya know if I can't make up my mind, I may be FORCED to buy one of each!!!! How terrible!!
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    Despite its small size the 7.62x25 for the CZ-52 is allot of fun. Around 516 ft. lbs. at the muzzle, and 392 ft. lbs. at 50 yds.

    By comparison the .45 has 410 ft. lbs at the muzzle, and about 350 or 360 ft. lbs. at 50 yds.

    Of course you would probably want a bigger bullet as far as self defense goes. The cz-52 does have one advantage I love. A muzzle blast and fireball that would scare the hell out of anyone. In fact it does. Almost everytime I am at the range I hear someone going "What the @#[email protected]".
    And when the range attendant asked me to go to the rifle range after I fired off a couple of shots. . . I walked with pride and a great BIG smile on my face.
    hmmmm. . . I wonder if I could get him to sign something saying that I had to use the CZ-52 on his rifle range. I would frame that.
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    Hmmm, well....I own a Makarov (1962 East German) and love it! I have a buddy with a CZ-52 and I used it one day at the range.
    It scared the bejeezus outta me!

    The blast caught me off-guard.
    The kick warned me that I was NOT firing a Mak and...
    After firing a few magazines through it, the grips and other parts started to loosen and made me fear for the safety of our nation. LOL!

    It was quite an experience but I felt like I was firing a disposable, hand-held, anti-aircraft cannon. I must admit that I did NOT enjoy shooting it and I am equally sure that I would NOT enjoy being hit by one of its rounds!

    I was REALLY happy when I lay that heavy beast back on the bench and returned to my chipper little Makarov whom I found still waiting patiently, tail wagging and eager to please.
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    I have a CZ52 and was looking to get a the new Competion firing pin from but, they are going out of business or selling out or something. The don't have any of the parts except the original parts that never got circulated. Anybody out there now of where I can get a pin to lighten my triger pull.
  9. The penetration qualities are pretty hefty for the 7.62x25 and
    I believe it will go through some body armor as well.

    So I guess it depends on what you're self defending against.
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  10. James Durham CZ 82 mil surps shoot 9X18 Mak ammo. And there's a few 380's I think.
    I own a CZ 82 and it is a delight to shoot.
    Did you know the 9X18 shoots a bigger bullet than a 9X19 yet the 9X19 is a (I'll say) a hotter cartridge or builds up more pressure than the 9X18.
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    I wouldnt get a cz52..the cz82 isnt every expensive, there about $200 and the magazine holds 12 9x18 rounds, and ive heard they are really accurate with the polygonal rifling they have
  12. Paper

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    While the CZ52's regular (7.62x25) ammo's pretty cheap, you can also get a 9mm (9x19 Luger) barrel for them for around $50 and shoot standard 9mm ammo through it.

    I've got one that I stuck a 9mm barrel in, and another with the standard barrel..

    I've also got a CZ82, which is a lot of fun to shoot, too..
  13. blaster

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    I own and love both the 52 & 82 but they are different tools for different jobs. the 9x18 is a great little round for a concealable pistol while the 7.62x25 is a powerful, fast and longer range round. The 7.62x25 flies about 1500fps from most military loadings but can be reloaded way faster. I haven't chronigraphed them yet but the book says my 90gr jhp should go about 1800fps. I would love to have a rifle chambered for it to see what could be rung out of that caliber. even thought of getting a semi auto ppsh but don't think they would be very accurate. best bet would be re chambering and barrel on a 9mm carbine. if it would withstand the pressure.
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    hm.. didnt know the ammo was cheap for the 52, and theres a 9mm conversian for it! oh screw what i said, i just might have to pick up a cz52. 9x18 ammo is around $15 for 50 rounds, alittle more expensive than 9mm.
  15. Remember Niko, the CZ52 fires 7,62x25 ammo, not 9x18.
  16. blaster

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    the cz 52 is chambered for 7.62x25 but by simply swapping barrels you can shoot 9x19 (9mm luger) not 9x18 (9mm Makarov) I have heard that the 9mm does not feed as reliably as the bottle necked 7.62x25.
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    i know i know i posted above talking about the cz82 and thats what i was refering to with the 9x18, becuase 9x18 isnt all that cheap and there sayin that 7.62 is cheap