CZ 550 American

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    Planning on getting a CZ 550 American in .30-06. I have a 452 American in .22WMR and i am very pleased with it. What do you think of the 550? I have never played around with one before to get a good look at it. Does it seem like a good quality rifle?
  2. okami515

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    they are great rifles. very accurate though a bit on the heavy side, but not a bad thing. mine are in 6.5x55and 458win mag. I also bought my father a 527 in 222 but have yet to shoot it.

  3. Midas

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    Great rifles, I am looking into purchasing one in .416 Rigby
  4. okami515

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    midas thought about that before I got my 458 but the cost to shoot was to high for me at the time. Though I am still wanting one.
  5. Doing well . . .

    . . . . in a very competitive markeplace and that says a lot.
    Personally, I know of no one with a complaint against the quality
    of these rifles.
  6. Muddog

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    Mine in 6.5x55 had a sticky bolt that worked out just fine after a hundred or so, it always has looked great and shot better.
  7. Bigman

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    I have a 550 in 308. They are great rifles. Great quality. Great shooters..Bigman
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    I found one last February in a .270 550 American for a good price. I put on a 3x9x40 Nikon Buckmaster. I will still keep my .45/70 Marlin gs for a brush gun, but I really do like the CZ. When I got my wife into shooting I bought her a CZ in a .22 LR. They seem to be a great gun for the money.