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cz 550 varmint

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by chewy4480, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. chewy4480

    chewy4480 G&G Newbie

    I got a CZ 550 varmint while I was home on leave from Iraq. There was to much snow so I didn't even get to shoot it. But when I get back I want to be shooting 600 plus yards with it. What if anything should I do to it to keep my MOA down?

  2. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    First,thank you for keeping this great country free for me and all the millions that depend on you and the other hero,s serving.Second,tell us more about the firearm you have,cal.,demensions,rate of twist,ammo,what you have done to make it more accurate,sights. sam.
  3. chewy4480

    chewy4480 G&G Newbie

    thank you the gun is a .308. rate of twist is 1:12in. weighs 9 lb. barrel is 26in. total length is 47in. LOP is 14. like I said I haven't had a chance to shoot so I don't know on the ammo. I was going to go with a 168 gn match grade ammo but don't know what kind. I just started reloading and don't really know exactly how to go about it. it has a 10x40 scope with mildots but I cant remember who makes it.
  4. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    Since you are uver there playing in the sand and keeping the crazies from coming over and getting me my advice is to have someone take the rifle to a qualified gunsmith and have it glass bedded and freefloated,the trigger checked,(I like them at about 2lbs,no creep)and the scope boresighted.I would not allow them to sight it in as that is your fun.I am assuming it is a wood walnut/laminated stock with no pillar bedding.While pillar bedding isnt an absolute 'must do' on wood stocks it is easier before glass bedding than after in case you found you still have flex in the frame after bedding.I do pillar bed but I do my own work and the pillars are not that much,just getting them right.If it is pillar bedded,have it checked.If the stock is synthetic it will definitly be necessary to fiberglass bed it.I hope Mooseman gets in here and corrects me or adds whatever he finds I have missed.This will take a top of the line gunsmith that can give refferences,not a 'bubba'.Hope you get through your tour safely and all of your buddys do too,and you can give us a range report.Tell whoever takes the gun in or sends it to tell the smith you are serving and likely he will give you a break,as you well desreve it.CYA. sam.
  5. chewy4480

    chewy4480 G&G Newbie

    Hey samuel thank you. Do you know about what that would cost? Do you know any good gunsmiths? Have you had any of your guns done? Another thing I was thinking about was have the barrel fluted. would that be worth the trouble?
  6. Brooks

    Brooks G&G Newbie


    I bought a CZ 550 Varmint laminate in .308 this month too and am waiting on a Super Sniper 10x42 scope. My test target showed a 1/4" group at 50M and I am anxious to get the scope delivered from SWFA and mounted.

    I was agonizing over whether to buy this rifle as opposed to a Savage 10fp with HS-Precision stock or a Tikka T3---The CZ is a strikingly handsome rifle with this black/gray laminate stock.. The stock is supposed to be free floated and I'm not going to screw with it unless I'm disappointed.

    The favored factory ammo seems to be Black Hills or Federal Match.

    I have heard that the OAL likes to be at the lands and that if loaded to maximum magazine length, it will be short. We'll see.
  7. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    I do most things myself but when I need a gunsmith I use Dick Williams Gun Shop in Saginaw Mich.They have all of the prices listed plus an E-mail contact.There is a list of gunsmiths on the web,just put gunsmith on the search bar and most have prices. Possibly Mooseman could make some other sugestions as to gunsmiths,but Dicks has always been good and I always go for quality more than price.In my opinion a fluted barrel is the way to go,especially if you shoot a lot in one session. Good luck and stay safe. sam.
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  8. chewy4480

    chewy4480 G&G Newbie

    Alright man I'll check it out thanks.
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