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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Will, Oct 15, 2002.

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    Shot my CZ-70 from SOG this weekend and liked it quite a bit, but noticed a few less-than-desirable things.

    First, if I didn't keep my hand well down on the grip, the web of skin between my thumb and forefinger would get pinched under the hammer during recoil. There isn't much of a spur there to prevent the pinch. Ouch. I had a couple of bloody spots when I was done, but I am trainable and learned to grip it low.

    Second, during recoil the trigger slides up my forefinger, and upon springing forward pinches my trigger finger between the trigger and guard. Another ouch (bloodless this time) that I can avoid by pulling the trigger more with the first knuckle than with the tip of my finger. I prefer the sensitivity of pulling with the tip of my finger, but after enough pinches I switch to the knuckle.

    Finally, I note a slight "click" or "tic" in the trigger pull just prior to firing. I've traced it to the trigger bar, where it contacts the sear, and it looks like a tiny amount of stone applied in the right spot might fix it, but I'm reluctant to disassemble the hammer and spring because the spring seems pretty stout and may be hard to reassemble. I can't find any disassembly instructions on the web.

    Anyone have experience disassembling the hammer, sear, trigger bar and can offer tips?

    (Also shot my CZ-52 with some fresh S&B ammo, and man is it nice!)