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CZ 75B or 85 combat?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JohnD, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. JohnD

    JohnD Member

    What is the difference and which do I want to get? Is one more accurate or better quality than the other? What finishes are the best?
  2. The B in 75B stands for a block on the hammer that keeps it from discharging in the case of an accidental dropping, or something hitting the hammer.

    The 85 Combat lacks this feature. It there fore is a slightly smoother trigger action. Not to say that the 75B doesn't have a smooth trigger.

    Accuracy with either will stun you.

    I have a 75B with rubber grips and am extremely satisfied.

    I also have a 100 for CCW and do trust it with my life. Extremely pointable and as any CZ very reliable.

  3. JohnD

    JohnD Member

    I heard on some other forms that the slides on these pistoles are loose, and that they have lots of side to side play. Is this true or are they tight made guns? I have never seen these guns at the local gun stores and have never handled them so I have no idea what they feel like. I may consider mail ordering one but am undecided which if any. I understand that the combat has a decocker how does that work? The gun would be just for range and nothing else because I live in canada and that is the only place you can shoot handguns. Maby I should look at the SA, what kind of safty does that have?
  4. A CZ with a loose slide? These are among the very few that the slide rides inside of the frame. No, I have never felt what could be decribed as loose, even when racking the slide.

    The decocker works like a Walther, with a steel stop keeping the hammer from striking.

    The safetys work the same as a Colt 45 on DA/SA and SA. They may be carried cocked and locked.

    The SA, which I have yet to own but have shot, is a fine shooting IPDA firearm. The 9mm is very controllable and points like it was on rails. You will save a ton of money buying this gun as opposed to it's competition just on starting price but also because you won;t be running to a g'smith to have a trigger job done.

    Your importer in Cananda is London Arms(prior name: Pragotrade)

    This firm imports various Czech. firearms such as:Brno,CZ-UB,Tau(air-weapons),etc..They also carry a variety of parts for these discontinued & present day Czech. firearms.

    Their co-ordinates are:
    London Arms Ltd.
    25 Signal Hill Avenue
    Unit 1,2,3
    Rexdale, Ontario
    M9W 6V8
    Phone 416)675-1322
    --Fax 416)675-4567
    Ask for Mr. Dave Campbell
  5. I have the 75B combat. I've had many 9MMs from Ruger, to S&W to EAA Witness and a few more. I prefer the CZ over all of them. I see no more looseness in the slide than any other gun. None of my weapons are tactical or precision shooters. Most factory out-of-the-bax guns aren't. But I don't see any excessive looseness in the 75B.

    I think you might find the accuracy of the CZ line remarkable for high production weapons.
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  6. JohnD

    JohnD Member

    Holy man I price one out in canada here and there over $700 canadian so I will not be getting one.
  7. Heck, buy one of each. As 9mms go, these are awesome pistols. Nowdays, I laugh behind the backs of the fools that bought HKs or Sigs. Remember, there is no status symbolism in paying too much. ;)