CZ model 1927

Discussion in 'CZ' started by dogzebra, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. dogzebra

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    Anyone own a CZ-27? I saw one at a store a while back, but we had no ammo for a test fire, so I passed on it. I reloaded some .32s for my Colt Pocket Hammerless and was thinking of taking a trip to test fire the CZ today.


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  2. Felix's Tattoo

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    Czech pistol

    Good little pistol. My cousin gave me one when I was a tad. Sold it for $5 to a pal a while later.

  3. GunnerJacky

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    I have CZ-27, it is easy to handle and having good range and accuracy. I go for shooting on Sunday in the shooting club.