CZ or Sig or Browning or???

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    here is someone's chance to rah-rah there personal fav's as well as enlighten yours truly. First tell me about the difference between the CZ 550 American and the 550 Premium? The only Premiums I have seen for sale were each 30-06. I am particulary interested in barrel length. I am looking for more accuracy than I currently get in my Rem. 700 adl in 6mm so I thought ....hmmm.... maybe a 6mm in 700VLS but wondered how plausible it would be to lug that around the woods as well as try to keep steady on a deer at 200 yards? So, I looked at maybe a 270 in either of the CZ's (if even available in the Premium that is)then found the SIG SHR-970 or even nicer Sauer 202 that had a 24" barrel (price unknown and likely frightening). I am into pretty and the Brownings are gorgeous but I have heard they ain't what they once were? Also read enough to be cautious of the Tikka's? Somebody out there has got to have an opinion on this. Remember - I love my 6mm Rem. and wouldn't mind keeping the caliber (rather not have a .243 - I know it seems silly but...) just want whatever to be deadly accurate and not have to sell a kidney to get one.:(
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    kenjs1: I've read you questions and definitely don't have any advice for you. That's out of my league. I've only got a small air pistol for plinking sparrows.

    Now you should contact Klaus on this forum. He's the expert among experts on this forum. His phone number is 555-555--5555 or else just give him a personal message on this forum.

    He's usually the gun expert who gives us our final answers.
    Oxford:D :nod:

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    I am a firm believer in sig just my 2 cents