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    Hi all, Just recievied my CZ-52 yesterday and besides one of the grips looking real ugly the gun is a beaut. I figured out how to get the slide off but am not sure on the proper way to get the barrel out of the gun. I am pretty sure I can get it out but not back in. Can someone please explain to me the correct steps. Also, is there a site that shows you how to disassemble in pictures? Hoping to take it out to the range this weekend and see what this thing can do.

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    CZ-52 Pistol Manual
    Firing Pin Enterprizes
    PO Box 80696
    Phoenix AZ 85060-0696
    FAX 602-275-5954

    Pages 10 $ 11

    9) With slide assy upside down, insert a punch or screwdriver into the hole in the roller cam
    10) Holding firmly to the slide with the barrel towards body, pull backwards on roller cam and barrel forward about 1" until the barrel lug is aligned with dismounting cuts in the barrel slide rail.
    11) With the disassembly tool canted slightly rearward, tilt the breech of the barrel assembly upward about 10 degrees. (This is tricky, be careful)
    12) While maintaining control of the spring tension, solwly back the barrel assy out of the slide.

    I left out the figure numbers, becuase you don't have the pictures. Which do help.

    I got this book for $5 at the local gun show.

    There are two parts dealers on the web. All parts are available except frames and slides. (well on the two sites I found)

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    Ummm, I've always use the lip of the mag. as the "disassembly tool". right at the place where the cam and barrel meet there is a spot just the right size of the lip, place the lip there, pull back and push with your finger (holding the slide assembly) on the barrel, and it will come right out. Re-assembly is just the opposite.