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  1. E.M.T. Paul

    E.M.T. Paul Guest

    are cz 70 that sog has any good?? and whats the history on a cz70?? thanks ALL!!
  2. E.M.T. Paul

    E.M.T. Paul Guest

    please some one give me info on this gun iam thinkin about getting one!--thanks

  3. Big Dog

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    Two buddies have them, and I've been fairly impressed with them. Solid steel, military/police service weapons from the CommBloc days. Very accurate for a small .32ACP pistol, better than Beretta Tomcat and Kel-Tec .32's. More comfortable for those of us with big hands. An excellent buy!
  4. Kevin

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    Got one from SOG about 3 yrs ago. Nice little gun. The only automatics I have to compare it to are a 1911 and a C96 Mauser so I haven't shot anything comparable in size. The most important thing I learned is not to dry fire it. I'm on my second firing pin.
  5. MSW

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    It's a fun gun to shoot, easy to carry and very accurate. It has a decocking safety, single/double action and a round in the chamber indicator. The only complaint I have is the trigger. It's a bit rough. Over all, it's nice little shooter and a bargain for an all metal gun.

  6. Some time back I looked at a 70 and I liked the feel, weight, action and etc. and the fact it's size was good for concelled carry or a good purse gun for a woman (or the guys who carry purses, lol).

    The reason I didn't get it was because I wasn't to sure of the bore condition. It looked like someone might have sent a bunch of corrosive ammo through it without cleaning it afterwards.

    I have the 70's big brother, a 52 and I enjoy it very much...great shooter.

    I went with a new CZ 75 combat which I've put no less than 2,000 rounds through it flawlessly. And, it's accurate!

    In MHO CZ hasn't made a bad gun and they were built to take a licking and keep on clicking.

    The inherant problem with the bloc weapons is the brittleness of the firing pin and dry firing them is definately a no-no.

    MSW, the problem with the rough trigger might easily be remedied with polishing the mechanism with jeweler's rouge or toothpaste and a dremel tool with a cloth 'bit'.

    Paul, I don't think you'll go wrong with a 70....just make sure it wasn't abused or neglected. The price range at a gun shop will probably be in the range of, oh, $90-100 in good and slightly higher for very good and hand select.

    Any luck at a gun show might land you one even less.

    Then, again, I see you said you were looking at SOG for the source.

    Good luck in your search and happy shooting!
  7. Calvin

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    I had one of the 70's and like it very much. The wife liked it better, and that's why I used to have one.
    Trigger pull is terrible in DA, but smoothed mine, er, the wifes' out in short order.
    They are great carry guns. The wife carries hers when she walks the dogs. Carries it in her fanny pack with plenty of room.
    You could do a lot worse, Paul.