Cz97 ??????

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jjwil, Apr 30, 2002.

  1. jjwil

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    A fairly knowagable friend of mine wants me to look at a
    CZ97. Does anyone have anything on this gun? He seems
    pretty excited about it. What's up?
  2. Dr. Duc

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    It is a very accurate, reliable, full sized .45. It is heavy and a bit bulky to some. I like mine very much . Very accurate. Comparable accuracy to HK USP Tactical or Smith 945.

  3. colt45

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    we got one into the gun shop for a guy last month. It felt to me like a ruger p90 as far as size the weight was noticable more but seemed well made and for the price not bad. he hasn't registered it yet so its still in the shop, when he picks it up and shoots it I'll let you know who he likes it.
    we have sold alot of the cz 32's most love them and some even say they are as nice as thier walters (I have a hard time swallowing that one myself but then again some voted for gore and some drive fords so there is just acounting for taste with some folks)
    I would say if you can get one cheap try it, if you don't like it you can always sell it to some one who might.
  4. FEG

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    CZ 97B

    I have about 750 rounds through my CZ 97B thus far.


    1. Extremely well-made. Best fit and finish of any stock CZ model.

    2. Most accurate CZ pistol that I have ever owned or fired. I have not had my 9mm CZ 75B SA for long enough to tell, but I imagine that the single action model will eventually surpass the .45. I am not an exceptional pistol shot, but 10-shot groups of less than one inch are possible at 25 meters with Sellier & Bellot 230 gr FMJ.

    3. CZ SA/DA op system allows for both cocked and locked carry AND a double-action first shot, if desired.

    4. The barrel bushing of the CZ 97B is quite innovative, and it makes the pistol much easier to field strip and clean than a 1911A1. The 97B breaks down like a CZ 75/85; the bushing simply unscrews...

    5. Extremely easy and pleasant to shoot due to relatively heavy weight and large frame.


    1. Double-stack in this model makes it very thick in the grip. The 97B requires at LEAST average sized hands. It is difficult to conceal.

    2. This model is five years old, but there is still very little in the way of aftermarket product support.

    3. I would prefer a SA to the SA/DA system.

    The 97B is my favorite pistol that I own. I paid $460 for a new polycoat several months ago, and the 97B would be a steal even at $600.