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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by hooker, Apr 20, 2002.

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    Today while in town getting more stuff to finish planting the garden, I went into the store and bought some .22 short hollow points. I did'nt realy need them, and did'nt know really why I got them. They were CCI's. Well I got home and after I finished up my work, I remembered I'd left them in the truck. What to do? Went in the closet and got my dad's old Remington Scoremaster. It had'nt been shot in serveral years, I just clean it and oil it down good every once in awhile. Took it outside and loaded it up. And yes, it can still shoot, right where you put the bead. Even with my eyes and my glasses, I could still bust little rocks with it at 25 yards. Sure did bring back a lot of good memories. No telling how many squrirrels that 'ol rifle has put on the table. Got toted on a bunch of coon hunts also. It was almost like he was standing there with me. I can still hear his voice the first time he let me shoot it. Take your time, and put that little bead on the target son, and squeeze that trigger. It was the first gun I ever fired. Best I can remember I was about 7 or 8 years old. Out of all the guns I've ever owned or will own, it is the one with the most history in it. Just one of the good ways to remember Dad. I'm sure that some of ya'll have a similar feeling. After shooting it a while I knew why I got that box of shells.
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    I know how you feel, Hooker. Last year, my Dad had me clean and oil his guns, mostly shotguns. He has one .22 Remington 550 that I had been taught on at an early age. He doesn't shoot anymore, and since I collect old .22's, he gave me the ol' 550. It brought back fond memories of the squirrel hunts we had. I had refinished the stock during my high school years, and now 25 years later it still looked good. It shoots as well as I remember.
    The old man is 70 now, and I know I'll receive the other guns eventually, but I'll cherish this rifle because of the family history and the fact that he gave it to me himself.

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    I picked up a 30-30 at a gun show recently. Used it for deer season this year. It was perfect for south TX white tail. My son is only six months old right now, but I think I'm going to give it to him when he's old enough to handle it. The recoil might be a little bit much for a six or seven year old, but that's years down the line.

    Would like to get him some form of Lever Action .22LR for his first rifle. Any suggestions. If I can find an old Win Model '94 in .22LR to accomodate the Model '94 30-30 that would be perfect!
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    My dad bought a .22 Marlin 60 when his dad died to remember him by.