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    does anyone have or know what a dan wesson revolver package it came in a brief case belt

    buckle and cylinders and barrels from .22 caliber to .44caliber
    any help much appreciated i cant find it on google

  2. Is this several revolvers in various calibers, or one frame with parts to interchange calibers? Reason I ask is, I've never seen nor heard of the latter.

    If this is a matched set of revolvers the serial numbers should be consecutive.

    Sorry to say it, but we need more info, pic's would help greatly also.

  3. squirrelblaster

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    ^yup more info and a few pics can do wanders.
  4. Kaboom

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    Usually pistol frame , patch and a 4",6",8" barrels
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    I can't help ya on your question, but, I always did want a nice Dan Wesson:)
  6. Could you

    rephrase the question? I feel bit confused as to what you are asking.

    If you mean one frame with a number of cylinders/barrels in differing caliber I do not think that was produced. If you mean one frame and once cylinder with an assortment of barrel lengths for the same caliber I do recall seeing something like that in .357 mag.
  7. runfiverun

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    they came in styrodoam cases , wooden boxes,and presentation cases.
    with one bbl, two bbls, or 4 bbls. with a tool to change bbl's, and adjust sights.
    some came with patches, belt buckles or other stuff.
    you could also purchase other bbls from factory. [i have a 10" 44 bbl]
    and an 8" compensated bbl. [i wish someone would copy this design!!]
    they came in cals 22-445 supermag. you could also get different styles of grips.
    google dan wesson and have fun.
  8. DWFan

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    Dan Wesson sold what they called pistol paks for both the small frame (.22, .32 and .357) and large frame (.41 Mag, .44 Mag and .45 Long Colt) I don't think the SuperMags were ever offered like that although the M40 (.357 Maximum) came with a second barrel. The "paks" consisted of a single frame and cylinder with several length barrels and different stocks, barrel wrench and feeler gauge, a patch and sometimes a buckle all in a single case. The .357 Magnums are the easiest to find.